Great Idea

Dreamworks knows Brian Robbins is such a genius since it is not an easy task to transform Awesomeness TV into what it is now. Some say he has a good marketing team while some say he is a one man team doing all the work. That is a possibility since some people don’t like it when people meddle with their work. They want to take all the credit when they become famous. It would indeed be sad if you have to share the spotlight with someone else. Imagine receiving an award but you don’t know who among your partners will come on stage to get all that recognition. It is possible all of you can come up on stage and get pictured by the photographers but it would be better to be recognized as one person who did all the hard work. It is definitely not an easy task but a lot of people have done it in the past. It can be said it can only be done by intelligent people and Robbins is definitely a smart guy.


There is no doubt he won the hearts of dozens of women with his new found success. The moment he signed his name onto the dotted line, he can now buy all the things he wants with all that money. He can start a family in case he hasn’t yet. There are a lot of men who would wish they were in his shoes right now. The truth is success can’t be achieved overnight. You have to work hard for it even though there are a lot of people who can say they have worked hard all their lives but they still can’t come up with anything. That’s life for you. You must also have a little bit of luck by your side in order to taste something like that. It would all pay off in the end as it is probably a good idea to share the success with somebody else if you think you can’t do it alone. It won’t be hard to admit it because it will pay off for the both of you when your hard work makes you land in the right side of power.