Big Annoucement

In a big announcement, Dreamworks has acquired Awesomeness TV for approximately $33 Million. It is a good decision for both parties involved as awesomeness has about 14 million subscribers. With a stat like that, you would know they have a huge following and they are producing some nice content for some people to follow them like that. There is an agreement that could make the payment for the purchase go up to $117 million which is an absurd amount for a Youtube channel.


The owner of Awesomeness TV, Brian Robbins has agreed to become a part of this new vision from Dreamworks and he is really excited moving on. Who can blame him? He now has a bigger budget to turn his creation into something even bigger with a bigger budget from Dreamworks. Dreamworks has been in the entertainment industry for generations now and they made the right call in purchasing a family friendly channel like Awesomeness TV. It has a lot of great content that got a lot of teens addicted to the channel that they would check every now and then if they have produced new content or not. The YouTube channel now has over 800 million video views which means there are so many teens who have their eyes glued to their computer screens when someone goes to youtube and searches for the channel. They know they are going to be in for some fantastic time watching the videos there. There are so many channels to choose from since they have 55,000 now so whatever you think of, they already have it.

There is no doubt Awesomeness TV will only continue to get more popular as time passes by. Right now, their fans will pass it over to their friends who in turn will pass it to their other friends. They will definitely get richer too which explains why DreamWorks really made an effort to buy the channel. Dreamworks admits they are amazed by the fact that Brian Robbins built Awesomeness TV into something worth watching on Youtube despite the number of videos to watch there.