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A Personal Assistant in Your Pocket: 5 Smartphone Apps

Business is going mobile, and professionals who adapt to this shift have a leg up on the competition. Entrepreneurs are ditching the conventional office for a more on-the-go approach. Telecommuting is on the rise, but it doesn’t carry all the perks of a normal office. One employee long-time professionals might miss is the personal assistant. This valuable worker is the grease that turns the wheel, managing appointments, phone calls and other logistics. Luckily, smartphones have emerged as a suitable substitute for a personal assistant. Apps that take notes, gauge traffic and manage your calendar can help you stay organized.

Here are 5 smartphone apps for your PA needs…

1. Osito

Smartphone personal assistant apps - Osito

Personal assistants solve problems before they make it to your desk. It’s that intuitive thinking that makes them so valuable. Osito also thinks ahead. This predictive intelligence app connects to your phone’s calendar and GPS system to keep you on schedule. Say, you have a meeting across town. Osito will survey traffic from your location to your destination and estimate when you need to leave. Osito is a helpful companion to professionals who struggle to manage their time.

2. Easilydo

Smartphone personal assistant apps - Easilydo

It’s the little things that fall through the cracks. Easilydo aims to take the little things off your plate. Easilydo will track packages, file receipts and alert you when you need to grab an umbrella. declared Easilydo one of the “Apps You need for 2013.” Easilydo’s strength is its interface, which looks clean and simple, yet has complex functions. Available on the App Store and Google play, Easilydo is a must-have for professionals, whether you use an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or LG Optimus L9. According to its website, Easilydo has saved users more than 14 years of time. Download the free app to find out how.

3. Evernote

Smartphone personal assistant apps - Evernote

From meetings to presentations to conference calls, modern professionals have no shortage of activities that require note-taking. Professionals used to depend on personal assistants to keep these notes in one place. On our own, how are we supposed to keep this endless stream of notes organized? Evernote thinks it has the answer. This cloud-based app keeps all notes secure in online, meaning you can take notes on your phone and access them on your laptop and vice versa. Established professionals have gushed about Evernote.

“Evernote is with me wherever I go. It’s the first thing I open when I get into the office and the last thing I close,” Evernote quotes Jenn Chen of Modcloth magazine.

4. Speaktoit

Smartphone personal assistant apps - Speaktoit

Smartphones may never respond with the same sense and know-how as personal assistants, but Speaktoit aims to try. This voice recognition app listens to users requests and responds accordingly. Speaktoit has a four-star rating in the App Store, and many users note that it is superior to Apple’s native Siri application. Speaktoit is available with a male or female response voice. Download Speaktoit in Google Play, the App Store or the Windows Store.

5. Scanomat

Smartphone personal assistant apps - Scanomat

I know what you’re thinking. “Apps are great, but who’s going to get my coffee?” Well, an app can do that too. Scanomat developed an app that can brew coffee with the push of a button. Wake up and select what kind of coffee you want in bed. By the time you’re done with your shower, it will be hot and ready, so you can start your day.

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Wrapping up

A Personal Assistant in Your Pocket: 5 Smartphone Apps

I hope you will find these apps useful in serving you as your personal assistant. I know it’s tough to replace a human PA in versatility, but as long as you keep these apps in your smartphone, you won’t feel guilty for not having one!

Now, it’s time to tell us your favorite personal assistant apps as well as the ones’ I might have missed in the comments below.

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