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How to Make Your Readers Interested in Your Blog

Blogging is just another name for marketing. If you are successful in satisfying your customers and are able to give them what they want, then its job well done. That is why it is important to understand whether you would be happy with a million viewers reading your blog, but not getting enthusiastic or excited about it or would you rather be happy with a few thousand viewers reading your blog regularly, sharing their views, engaging in debates and most importantly liking your blog.

The question again is which one would you rather prefer, a million uninspired viewers or a thousand loyal readers?

If your answer is the first option then this guide is not for you. But if you feel that the latter is what you want, then here is your guide to engage your readers to return to your blog, and stay there for good. By the end of this guide, you will be equipped with 5-steps to engage your readers, keep them glued to your posts, and ensure that they remain loyal to you!

1. First a touching story, then to the point

The average human brain faces between 1000-10000 paragraphs on a day-to-day basis. When you put up one more on your blog, then you would have already lost a few readers. What you can do is start with a touching story, possibly a funny one, a bit interesting and with a whole lot of feel. But don’t deviate from the topic at hand. Stick to the point. Your blog’s heading must be the plot of the story. And keep the story short and sweet.

2. Multimedia tricks will do you good

A video, image, or audio clipping can do wonders to a normal blog post. Many pro-bloggers post videos and images on almost each one of their posts. To reemphasize the point, a picture can speak a thousand words, an audio clipping a few thousand, and a video can speak a million words. But do remember to place these multimedia objects on your blog only if they suit the topic. Often, a wrong object could put off readers since they feel that you just added it for the sake of getting more readers. So to the point, media items are tricky, use them wisely.

3. Link back to the past

One of the major reasons why readers stop using your blog is when they get what they want or don’t get what they want. If they do get what they were searching for, they will take flight very soon. And the ones, who didn’t get it, are disappointed and leave. But a simple way to keep them on track and glued to your blog is to create links which would take them to your older posts. Of course, you can’t be sure if their needs are met, but chances are that they read your older blogs and start liking it and will return again and again and again. So attach links to your past posts, everyone will intrigued to know what you usually wrote about.

4. Time to plug it in

The next best thing to do is to get a few plugins to be placed at the bottom of your blog posts. What these plugins like nRelate and LinkWithin can do is find relevant posts and attach them to your posts. The posts that are usually chosen are the ones, which had the highest views or scored high on page ranks. And it’s a pretty easy job once you have plugins doing all the work for you.

5. Now, for today’s assignment…

We have all gone through this. We have always disliked teachers who give us a lot of homework but we still manage to do relatively well on those papers, the reason being that we have had practice and so we were aware of how the question could be answered. This has no connection what the guide has to say, it was just an anecdote. That’s not how a blog works but what homework does is gets your readers to come back and look at the answers they next day. A little prize at the end is also worth the pain. In the end, you are winning because your readers now want to answer your blog, for which they will have to come back and start reading all your posts.

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Wrapping up

How to Make Your Readers Interested in Your Blog

This ends your basic 5-step guide to get your readers engaged. But the life lesson here is that, unless you have something good, meaningful and useful to say, then no one has time for what you put up on your blog. Try to get excellent, innovative ideas to write on, something that others share your view with. It would be much better if they didn’t share your view because you will soon find yourself in a debate. So, write something good and you will get your rewards.

By the way, how do you manage to keep your readers interested in your blog and able to keep the engagement level high? Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below.

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About: Dharmesh likes to write about travel and novels. He is currently working at Coupon Lava; where you can find latest coupons to almost all Indian online stores.

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