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How to Stay Healthy While Attending a Conference

Traveling for business is a fun experience. You get to see new cities, meet new people, and explore regions you may not have visited on your own.

Although fun, traveling to conferences has its downsides too. One big complaint some professionals have when asked to travel to a conference is the toll it takes on their health. Attending a conference works out your mind through the networking, keynote speaker sessions and other educational experiences. Physical workouts and care must be put to the side at conferences.

Fortunately, attending a conference does not have to be an unhealthy experience. With a few easy changes, you can give your body a break and avoid undoing all of your hard work training at home, just because you attend a conference.

Here are five ways you can stay healthier at your next conference…

1. Choose to sit at a barstool instead of in a chair – At a conference in the keynote speaking sessions or the lounge areas, seating comes in a variety of forms. Many times, there are barstools readily available to allow you to lean instead of sit down fully in an uncomfortable chair. Whenever possible, choose this option. Sitting down puts enormous pressure on your hips and joints, which can leave you, fatigued, and may even shave some time off your life span. When you lean instead of sit, you reduce this pressure put on your joints and allow your blood to flow more freely so that you feel more energized, alert and pain-free.

2. Prop up your laptop to allow your wrists to be more comfortable – Professionals can be seen in many places typing away on their laptops while at events. It is rare that laptop keyboards come with ergonomic design to make this type of work comfortable. Ultimately, your wrists take a toll. When possible, prop up the back of your laptop just slightly. This way, your wrists can be at a more natural angle while working on your laptop.

3. Stand as often as possible – Many professionals work with an adjustable height desk in their office, and are not used to sitting for hours on end, as is often the case at a conference. Attending conferences can make you miss your adjustable height desk and instead leave you forced to sit through speakers and sessions. Whenever possible, give your body a break by changing postures and standing up to stretch. Try to make an effort to get up at least once each hour. This simple change in posture can decrease the amount of pressure on your back and hips. It can also help to keep your blood flowing so that you stay healthier.

4. Avoid the sweet temptations – Sweet treats seem to be at breakfast, during snack breaks and at lunch and dinner. These pastries, candies and desserts come loaded with calories that your body probably does not consume on a regular basis when you are home. Add this together with a more sedentary day sitting through speaker series and you have a recipe for weight gain and poor health. To combat your temptation, carry healthier snacks with you each day. That way, if hunger hits, you have something on hand that will benefit your body instead of hurt it.

5. Walk instead of drive whenever you can – Conferences are often times spread out in various buildings and venues. Whenever possible, choose to walk to these other venues instead of taking a taxi or catching a ride with a co-worker. Bring a change of shoes in your bag so that you can comfortably walk from one location to another. By getting in some extra steps whenever possible, you keep your fitness level just a little bit higher than you would if you sat in a car.

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Wrapping up

Healthy living at a conference can be a challenge. Between a more sedentary routine and the sweet treats, to the strain of typing on a smaller, less ergonomic keyboard, your body takes a toll when you travel to a conference. With these tips, you can give your body the break it needs and feel more energetic while advancing your career and business.

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling for business? Do share your tips/experience with us in the comments below.

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