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4 Blogging Strategies To Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Most website/blog owners know the most common way of having visitors come back to their website is by capturing their email address via newsletters or eBooks.

However, even though it is very common tactic and noticed by unique visitors, it is still very effective if done the right way. Every blog/website owner’s goal is to have their visitors coming back and gaining new and more traffic. Doing so sometimes takes some creativity; so if you are looking to gain more traffic and even have your visitor come back… follow these 4 strategies.

1. Social Media

Having people like or follow your website and business is one of the easiest things you can do, however, making them come back to your site via social media can be difficult. Make sure you post regularly on social media sites; not doing so can lead to unsubscribes’ and practically zero attention from your existing visitors and even potential visitors.

If you have social media accounts, be sure to post regularly and keep the content relevant. Share your new blog post or even other blogs from experts in the industry.

2. Newsletters

This is one of the most popular ways website owners capture their visitor’s email addresses, which results in having an opportunity to bring them back to the site. Instead of just promoting a boring “subscribe and receive updates” consider giving them a free eBook along with updates in exchange for their email address.

3. Interesting and Relevant Content

Know your audience. This is a tactic that goes overlooked by many website owners. One of the most important aspects of owning a website is to know your visitor and your audience.

Knowing this information will allow you and/or your writers to understand what type of content to write about and will allow you to deliver relevant and interesting content that will spark their interest and either follow your site, sign up for your mailing list, or even refer a friend.

If you don’t constantly publish articles and your business mainly operates a static website, consider creating a blog and publish blog posts daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.

4. Interviews

Either have an interview with an expert in your field or ask if they would like to write a blog post on a specific topic for your blog. Going about an interview, you can either call them or record the call (letting them know it’s being recorded of course), or you can have the audio of your interview transcribed and send it out as a newsletter to your subscribers and followers.

Wrapping up

If you are struggling to maintain a loyal audience or even are satisfied with your websites performances, keeping these tips in mind can boost your rankings and audience either way. Don’t forget to add a little creativity and think about what it is your audience would like.

What other blogging strategies would you like to add to get more returning visitors to your blog/website? Do comment below.

Author info:

Name: Robert

About: Robert is a web management and hosting expert. He has advised companies around the web on CMS platforms, VPS hosting, and content creation. After consulting his clients on the dos and don’ts of managing their sites on the world wide web, Robert enjoys spending time reading biographies and watching great films.

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  • Matt Hayden

    I’ve published a few interviews on my blogs. They’re worth including because you get all this extra quality content without having to write anything yourself.

    I’ve found the best way to conduct an interview is just to send an e-mail with a bunch of questions. The subject just replies with their answers and it’s almost ready to put on your blog.

  • Mike Brooks

    I think number 3 is the most important. A lot of people spend too much time plugging in the tools they think they need like the opt in box for a newsletter or some free bribe. But they forget the most important step of them all… super high quality content.

    And I would even add to that, to have really persuasive and compelling reasons why someone should take action to get the free report or subscribe to a newsletter. The most compelling reason of all though… great content.

  • sherman smith

    These are excellent points you made. I have done all of them except for number 4, but just with the first 3 tips you can definitely have readers come back. I do have to agree with Mike, quality content is king. You want to write for your audience and give them the info. that resonates with them. Thanks for sharing Robert!

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