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Enjoy the Little Things in Life

If you observe children, you realize that they are overjoyed by jumping into the pool and feeling the splash of water on their feet, their body — they are so happy with a kiss, a hug, a small piece of chocolate.

We have all been in those exact same moments and feelings. As children each of us have taken pleasure and been overjoyed with playing in the sand, building sand castles in the beach, making a snowman and breaking it, going on a merry-go-round, birds, dogs, a pool of water, the sea, the bright colors around us and many more things.

As adults, however, in our quest to accomplish big things we often forget that life is made up of little things. The happiness of life is in small things – gratitude from the heart, a smile, helping somebody in need to cross the street, holding the door open as a matter of courtesy for the person behind you. In today’s modern age and technology surrounded world why do we as so-called grown ups forget that it in these acts of trivialities that the seeds of joy are there forever.

We build big houses surround ourselves with gadgets and other luxuries and yet find no time to enjoy the small pleasures of life. How many times have you walked or gone for a run and forgotten to appreciate the beautiful weather, the less polluted air for those who live in big cities, the chirping of birds, or a smile from a stranger.

Most of us long for the weekend and fail to enjoy the week which may be filled with a lot of beautiful though small things like a compliment, a smile, a hug, a kind word, a cheer, feeling fit and fine, rising to a new dawn. We choose to concentrate and discuss about the rude boss, or the workload or some other person who may have been rude or showed a complete lack of etiquette. Yes, those acts do spoil the moment and we can choose to get irritated, but best to get over it and move on to appreciate the beautiful things around us. Nature is beautiful and yet we ignore her.

So what are these little things that matter in each of our lives during a day be it a work day or holiday or a vacation?

1. Smile ~ a smile from or to a stranger or from or to someone you see in the elevator quite often.

2. Walking bare feet on grass ~ Yes! This is possible even in cities. I know I’ve lived in 3-4 cities which is filled with concrete buildings and yet I have managed to walk bare feet on grass.

3. Listening to music either at work or after work.

4. Hearing the chirp of birds if you really pay attention.

5. For those who enjoy workouts, being able to go to the gym or yoga.

6. Meditation and the clarity that one achieves with this simple mind exercise.

7. Enjoying waterfalls or walking bare feet on sand in the beach.

8. The sound of waves hitting the shores.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

9. If your meals are made for you, enjoy it, because not many are blessed with the grace of the same.

10. Learn to appreciate the two or three meals that you have on a daily basis and if you are blessed with variety on a daily basis, be thankful, and enjoy it.

11. Being able to have a hot shower or bath.

12. Feel of water running down your fingers or feet and the tingling sensation.

13. Having access to clean water 24 by 7.

14. Appreciate the aroma and beauty of flowers.

15. I love colors, they brighten my day and whenever I’m feeling low I make sure I either wear a bright color or at least surround myself with bright colors.

16. A coffee just the way you like it and enjoy.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

17. Sleeping in for an extra 15-30 minutes after the alarm has gone off on days you choose to.

18. To admire and enjoy the sunrise and or sunset.

19. Enjoying the greenery around you or getting to a place where you can be surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.

20. Lighting a candle of an aroma that you enjoy once you get home and allowing yourself to breathe in the beauty of life.

21. To have a long conversation with a friend.

22. A stretch or a massage, which just feels so good and perks you up.

23. Doing something wild that you have always enjoyed. For me, it is going on a roller coaster ride or sky diving or even venturing out on a difficult hike.

24. Striking conversations with strangers, obviously with someone whom you feel comfortable.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

25. Reading a book and enjoying every moment as you turn the pages.

26. Watching one of your favorite TV shows by cuddling yourself up in bed or on your couch.

27. We often buy gifts for others, and praise them for good work done but we forget to treat ourselves when we have achieved something, which we had set a goal on. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your achievements no matter how small they may be.

28. Take the time to feel your surroundings, to enjoy that cup of coffee, savor the chocolate, feel the hug, or relish every sip of wine.

29. Laugh out loud and enjoy the feeling.

30. Count your blessings no matter what they are, make it special for yourself and it does not matter if it is important to anyone else or not.

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Wrapping up

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. — Robert Brault

We all cherish some of our bygone moments as memories which is great but let’s be mindful and cherish the moments as they happen.

The list can go on and on. What are the little things that matters to you that you would like to share? Please feel free to share in the Comments Section.

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  • Nischala

    Lalita / Karthick – Beautiful post.. It is indeed the everyday small pleasures of life which we all truly remember, and which make all the DIFFERENCE! – Nischala

    • Lalita Raman

      Thank you Nischala. Yes it is these little things that makes a big difference in our day to day lives but one we may forget every do often. Thank you for reading, sharing & commenting.

  • Daniel Berner

    Wonderful post! There are so many people that get caught up in the day to day of life and do not ever take time to appreciate the things they have or to even appreciate life and the individuals in yours. I always try and do something nice for someone else, it can be contagious!

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