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5 Fascinating Social Media Predictions for 2013

Days have gone since the last New Year celebration and every dawn has had something new for the humankind. With the thought of the New Year comes the thought of the mysteries that are in store.

The scenes that flash in our mind when we hear the phrase ‘New Year’ are drinking wine and champagne, devouring the cake, and dancing with the crowd. But what are we going to do from the next day? Of course, the world will not change dramatically over a night. Yet, there will be notable changes in social media.

While the Church awaits the prophecies for 2013, the techies are busy pondering on the growth of social media. As a big fan of social media, I’m going to pretend to be a junior Nostradamus for the next few minutes and prophecy (these are just predictions) on how the tides of social waters will be in 2013.

Here are 5 fascinating Social Media predictions for the upcoming year 2013…

1. Dawn of Social TV:

Water cooler talks about popular TV programs are going to continue on social networking sites, the difference being real-time comments. People won’t wait until the next day to meet their colleagues and discuss the TV show. Instead, the TV channels will provide a social networking facility to share their comments, as and when the programs are being aired. When something that the viewers dislike is aired, the fans are going to march right onto the Social Networking Page and shower their comments on the show. Their eyes will not spare a single detail, as they are equipped with social media that has already lit up firestorms.

2. Social Search:

Google has already dipped its toes into social waters by launching Google Plus. The quick popularity of Google+ will make it go deeper and launch a social searching site. It will be a tough task for the Spiders. They will have the additional burden of searching the comments and likes given for each website and rating them based on preference. Someone liking a search result doesn’t mean that the content is relevant. Therefore, I guess it would be a little confusing to rank pages balancing both preferences and content. SEO specialists will have to break their heads figuring out new ways to optimize their pages.

3. YouTube will become WeTube:

I can see your puzzled expression. There’s nothing called WeTube. I just mean YouTube will be more social. Businesses will target the audience of YouTube when it becomes more of a social network. Google+ might be integrated with YouTube, which will be a strong reason for the quick growth of YouTube. However, the basic purpose of entertainment might not be served as more marketing vehicles will run on the roads of YouTube.

4. QR Codes:

As you travel into 2013, you might get lost in a maze of QR Codes. Yes, the increasing popularity of QR codes will make everyone own a QR Code. When you visit an old friend, you may need to check the QR Codes to find out his house. All the mobile phone companies will have to make devices, which can read QR codes or flood their app worlds with new apps to read these codes. No wonder if the detailed user manuals are compressed into a square box of black dots. Curious Georges can be found scanning every QR Code along the streets with their smart mobile devices to know the information stored in it. I also see a special device for scanning QR Codes in my vision for 2013.

5. Social Gaming:

Social Gaming has already come into the scene with the launch of Miiverse for Wii U. Though the company has announced that they will not integrate with Facebook or other social networks, the fans of Wii will want to enjoy the comfort of sharing their views on the games on a single social network. It will exert a pressure on the company to make Miiverse a part of other social networking sites, at least in the form of an app. It will teach businesses that they needn’t stand away to stand out from the crowd. Wii will surely enjoy the benefits of going social.

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Wrapping up

5 Fascinating Social Media Predictions for 2013

Getting a revelation about the future of social media is exciting but it is more exciting to approach the New Year with a box of unanswered questions. Only time has the key to unlock the box. Let’s gear up to ride high tides.

Now it’s your turn…

How do you see social media evolving and influence both tech business/entertainment sectors in the year 2013?

Do you have some other social media predictions in mind?

Do share and discuss with us in the comments below.

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  • Jessica

    Google+ is implemented with youtube now, you can clearly see the replacement of G+ button youtube like button. True predictions by the way !

  • Linda

    QR codes are going to be gaining popularity very quickly and used for such purposes as game day scores/locations, one time coupons in stores (buy now) to QR codes on gravestones. TV will drastically change as we know it – no more spending $1,000 and up for the latest and greatest TV.

  • Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy)

    I totally agree that social TV will be bigger in 2013 and it’s a natural development. Similarly more social integration within YouTube is inevitable. I’d like to add that Google Plus will make a more visible impact in 2013.

  • Sreejesh

    Great post, the social media world is looking forward for social media 2013, it would be facination to know whats going to happen next year. Google is pushing hard to make Google plus in the lead.

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  • Lisa

    These look like really do-able predictions for the upcoming year. Glad to see QR codes as part of it.There are so many things that they can be used for, list is endless.

  • cedric taylor

    Great news thanks I believe in what you’re saying as I read I saw that vision and even more

  • MaryLynne

    Interesting. I thought QR Codes were not very popular and wasn’t going to make an impact. Something to watch for sure.

  • Abel Barrington

    Forgive me for not knowing about them QR codes, but I should say the rest of the stuff on the list are all expected. There should be more changes or stagnation to expect in 2013. These are fascinating predictions indeed.

  • Dimiric

    Those are some great prophecies, and I can see several coming to age even now. Another area that I can see social networking having some type of impact is healthcare. Not sure how, but it seems to be on the brink if people’s privacy fears can be managed right.

    • Ranking High

      I agree with your statement in regards to social media having a role in healthcare. Its a huge industry to tackle but it should be pretty visible within the next year or two. Not necessarily publicizing individuals health records through social media, but rather taking a more personalized approach and making everyone’s medical health stats / info much more easily accessible, organized and utilized within medical treatment centers and pharmacies. Also making it simple for individuals to monitor their own health trends such as illness, injury and what kind of medications they have taken in the past. Convenience is what most individuals are looking for in regards to the healthcare system. Also as you said, “privacy”.

  • Jed Schaible

    I think that these are great but that near-field technology in mobile devices with have significant social implications as well.

  • devinder

    I don’t think that QR code is going to change something, QR code is just a very small part of innovation and not something revolutionary.

    Liked the rest of the article.

  • Joe Clark

    I have some big hopes with Google+ when it comes to Social Gaming. Currently Facebook is playing its part so well in promoting social gaming by leaps and bound. But Google+ should also jump into it.

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