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“What is a blog really like?” was the question asked.

And the answer which satisfied the audience was “A blog is really like a Movie…”

I was addressing a group of non-bloggers and I found it hard to explain what blogging really is. Surprisingly, the answer which satisfied them was one in which I explained how a blog is really like a movie. The reality is that there are several people in the world who don’t know what a blog is and why anyone in the world would spend their time and money in blogging. :)

And to such an audience, the most effective and satisfactory response was this “Every blog that you publish is really like a Movie…” And in this blog post, I’ve tried to make my point on the co-relation between the Movie World and the Blogging World.

I am neither a Movie buff nor do I understand the nitty gritties of movie-making. But I do have a high level understanding of movie making and of course, an in-depth understanding of creating a successful blog.

There are really 3 broad phases in making a movie / blog.

Phase 1 – The Ideation Phase: In which you have an idea for your movie / blog

Phase 2 – The Creation Phase: In which you give form to your idea to create the end product (movie / blog)

Phase 3 – The Promotion Phase: In which you market your creation (movie / blog) to an audience

And then of course, is the Feedback phase in which the audience verdict is OUT – Good, Bad or Ugly!

Phase 1 – The Ideation Phase

This is probably the most critical phase in the journey of making a movie or a blog. Simply because you need to have an idea for your blog – In terms of the topics of focus for your blog and specifically in terms of the topic for every single blog post of yours! And if you get this RIGHT, your chances of success increase manifold!

Phase 2 – The Creation Phase

For ease of communication and comprehension, refer the comparison below:

Note: Read in this format – In the Movie World : In the Blogging World

Director : Blogger – In terms of making the idea come to life and ensuring that everything needed from the creative or technical side is taken care of.

Producer : Blogger – In terms of the investments he / she does to create and maintain the blog (both the design elements and the content.)

Story : This really translates to how the blogger is able to articulate his / her idea into words and the power of the message in the blog!

Actors (Hero / Heroine) : The words. Yes! The words you write on your blog are your final actors. You can make them perform the way you want based on your choice of words, your literary elegance and your presentation style.

Editor : Again, the blogger itself if he /she does the editorial work or someone else you hire for your editorial efforts.

Special Effects : This can be through pictures, music, podcasts, video blogs, infographics, etc. – You can choose your special effects based on your individual creativity, preference, and context.

The point to note is that there are several options available and you can decide based on the kind of investments you are willing to make (time and money), your target audience, your objective for the blog and the impact you want to create!

Guest Performances : Don’t we all like the appearance of a guest actor / star in a movie? Be it for a special song or just to make a point! Sure, we do because it’s just so refreshing. So it is with guest blogs.

As a blogger, you allow other guest bloggers to write for your blog to bring in diverse points-of-view to your audience. Also, not to mention the actual effort of creating the content (which becomes a challenge after a while) is the responsibility of the guest blogger.

Also, as a blogger you probably also write guest posts for other blogs because you’re able to enhance your brand and reach a wider audience with minimum time and efforts (as someone else is finally responsible and accountable for the maintenance of the blog.)

Phase 3 – The Promotion Phase

This is probably the most important phase as it determines the results that your efforts yield. Firstly, you need to be clear about who your target audience is. And then you need to define and execute a well-integrated marketing plan to promote your blogs.

So for e.g: You need to send an e-mail about your blog or share it on Facebook or ask some celebrity (online / offline) to share your blogs on Twitter, etc etc. While there are many channels, what’s important is to decide on the key (say 3) channels you will leverage for your promotional activities.

And once you’re blog is released, all you can do is to hope that your readers will enjoy your blog – your work of art or your BLOG-ART!

*Title image credit: Stock photo / source unknown

What do you think? Is there a similarity between the blogging world and the movie world? Leave a comment to let me know and discuss.

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  • AnnTran_

    So true…A blog is really like a movie. Just on a smaller scale. When you have a post that you are trying to promote on a particular campaign, it definitely is a lot of fun and takes a lot of work.

    Great post.


    • Nischala

      Thanks Ann for stopping by.. Glad you liked this post.. I like the fact that you’ve said its FUN.. If you view blogging in that light, it becomes a truly enjoyable experience.. You learn and evolve along the way.. and then the no matter how much work needs to go in – you’ll be happy to do it.. Happy Blogging.. Nischala

  • Eric Wittlake

    Interesting perspective. I definitely agree that there are some similarities, however the “event” nature of a movie is a big difference. Every post could be viewed as an episode in an ongoing series. You need to promote both the series overall (your blog) and each individual episode (blog post). Looked at that way, things like guest blogging are approaches you can take to each episode.

    Good perspective, thanks for sharing.

    • Nischala

      Eric – Thanks for stopping by and your comment. You’re right! There are similarities and differences.. And also, your promotion has to be on specific posts and also on your overall blog.. Happy Blogging – Nischala

  • Shannon

    Good post! I think your movie/blog comparison will help break things down for new bloggers so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Working on getting your blog up and running (and gaining readers) can seem daunting, so compartmentalizing the process is a good way to take things step by step.

  • Nagendra

    Dear AR ji,

    My name is Nagendra from India & am very happy to find your awesome blog. Nischala, I specially loved your analogy with Movie to Blog writing. I am a newbie in blogging & your style of writing inspire me. Thanks.

    With warm regards,

  • Nischala

    Thanks Shannon.. Taking it one step at a time – whether you’re a blogging newbie or veteran… is the key to success – Nischala

  • Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy)

    I enjoyed reading this post. Was tempted to get the popcorn too but managed to resist the impulse!

    Making the analogy with films is a great way to look at blogging. I often find when I’m talking to clients that they have trouble at the Ideation stage.I’ll make sure I give them a copy of this post from now on.

    My last blog post: How to Use Social Media to Attract Website Traffic

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  • Preetam Nath

    My own blog, is more so a photoreel. A really nice post though.

    I started blogging on a serious note 3 months back, and since then, I’ve garnered 3,500+ people following my blog and amassed 110,000+ views. It feels lovely when people do see what you work at.

    • Nischala

      Hey Preetam – That’s an amazing achievement.. Kudos to you! I guess in case of a photoblog – There are less words.. So your heros and heroines are the pictures :).. Happy Blogging

  • Baja By Bus (@BajaByBus)

    Well articulated article – narrative is so important! Thanks :)

    • Nischala

      Thanks! Yes the narrative is the key to reader attention and engagement.. Nischala

  • Joe Kronenberg

    Thanks. As someone fairly new to blogging reading posts like this are just what I need. Great analogy.

    All the best…

    • Nischala

      Great Joe.. Glad you liked this post and that it gave you a good perspective.. Good Luck in your blogging journey – Nischala

  • For 91 Days Travel Blog

    For us our blog is more like our whole life … filled with true stories. TRUE STORY :) Def. liking your write-up

    • Nischala

      Thats great! The more real and TRUE your blog, the more satisfying it is personally and the more enriching it is for your readers. Enjoy your blogging journey – Nischala

  • Destination Infinity

    That’s true. Entertainment is an important part of a Blog. But it should not stop with that. I think that a blog should be more focused on edutainment – Educating people while entertaining them.

  • Nischala

    Absolutely. So well put – It should be about Edutainment .. Happy Blogging – Nischala

  • KBharath

    For me Blogging is a Journey.

    • Paula

      Well said!

  • BlogieMonk

    I love Blogging. Blogging is not like a movie (not even to comparing), it’s my life.

  • Top ten indian movies 2012

    if you compare blog with a movie then it should be blockbuster in quality & traffic.

  • Thalia

    I just love this comparison here and I should say that blogging is really like a movie.. I am sure a lot of people would agree with me..

  • James Watts

    And if your blog post isn’t good enough… it goes straight to DVD. But you learn from your mistakes and make you ‘movie’ much better next time round!

  • John

    Really like the comparison, the main differences is that blog promotion never ends, so for me a blog would be like a successful TV show, broadcasting every day ;)

  • Paula

    Interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of blogging in this way!
    And, until you’ve mentioned it, I’ve been shying away from viewing my blog as a space for visual art. I think I’ll have to rethink some of the visual on my blog : ) Thanks for this post!! -Pretty Words by Paula

  • Gary Brock

    Very interesting analogy. I never thought of blogging this way. This will impact my blogging in the future. I will think about how I can make my blog posts more colorful.

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