In pursuit of happiness, I asked this simple, yet somewhat tricky question, “What is the Key to Happiness?” that has a wide range of perspective — to my awesome friends on Twitter / Facebook, last weekend.

And needless to say, I’m stunned and overwhelmed by their lovely responses. Some are tweet sized and some deserved a blog post itself, some are lighthearted and some are along the lines of Zen sayings! But every single response packs a punch. Here are their inspiring/motivating thoughts to the million-dollar question: What is the Key to Happiness?

Hat tip: those featured in this article are genuine, caring/sharing people, my friends, not some random personality-development/self-improvement experts, or gurus. So don’t hesitate to follow them. Links to their Twitter profile and blog/website provided for your reference.

(Note: Listed in response-received order and some terrific, single-blog-post-worthy responses and some late entries will be added in part 2 which is still open and scroll down to submit your entries.)

My heartfelt thanks to all contributors. Shall we begin?

1-Ryan-SetterRyan Setter | @RyanSetter

Making other people happy makes me extremely happy. This must be my “key.” There are so many ways presented to me throughout any given day in which to accomplish this, that there is just no excuse for me not to incorporate this into my daily lifestyle. Caution: random acts of kindness can be addictive.

2-Marie-DinaMarie Dina | @hoardnot | website

For me the key to happiness has always been to hold up my umbrella so all the naysayers don’t rain on my parade.

3-Gabriella-SanninoGabriella Sannino | @SEOcopy | blog

Making the right choices in life, in order to live life to it’s fullest and in the moment.

4-Arie-MoyalArié Moyal | @amoyal | blog

I think the key to happiness is self-acceptance. Once you’re ok with yourself, you can let down all the unnecessary walls & you’re putting out a better vibe.

5-Kathy-MeyerKathy Meyer | @2cre8 | blog

Everyone is unique and values differ from person to person. I believe a positive attitude coupled with kindness, tolerance, and appreciation in everything you touch and experience in life is key. Also knowing what you can and cannot change is imperative. Armed with this knowledge and actively striving to live a balanced life is my key to happiness.

6-Bob-purplehayzBob | @purplehayz | blog

For me, I think it’s being able to do things I want to do, and then also having responsibilities so I appreciate that time.

7-Misty-MartyMarty & Misty | @MartyMcPadden and @Mistygirlph | blog

For us the key to happiness is to make lemonade when lemons are thrown at you. When you are facing problems you always have the choice to look at it as a challenge or an opportunity to make life better. You can either feel defeated and give up or you can face the problem head on and find solutions. You can even ask for help when you need it. Prayers and keeping a positive attitude helps a lot. Sometimes we don’t see or understand why bad things happen to us, but when the right time comes you will eventually see that there was a reason why. You just haven’t seen it yet. Our attitude towards the situation that we are experiencing that helps us move forward and keep the joy and happiness in our hearts intact.

8-Mary-SarahMary Sarah | @MarySarahMusic | website

Finding what you love to do and doing it with everything you got!

9-JudyJudy | @LUKIKA

My key to happiness is my family’s happiness, well being and the knowledge that they are loved unconditionally. That allows me to find happiness in other areas of my life, as well.

10-Gail-BarnesGail Barnes / Dr G | @ZAGrrl

My quote regarding happiness would be “If you can’t be a musician, be the song.”

11-Henie-ReisingerHenie Reisinger | @HennArtOnline | blog

The key to happiness is always being grateful! A friend recently shared: Being happy doesn’t make us grateful; being grateful makes us happy!

12-John-FeskornJohn Feskorn | @JohnFeskorn | blog

In my life, I have weathered many storms. To be honest, things are still a bit turbulent right now. But I still smile a lot and I guess my biggest weapon against dread is that I choose to be happy. I want happiness for my family and myself and so I choose to be… Happy :)

13-Michele-PriceMichele Price | @prosperitygal | blog

Being able to live a live aligned to your Life’s purpose. Thought I knew that when I was younger and discovered did not dig deep enough. When you are operating from intentional consciousness, and listen to your bodies messages you will live life like a fine tuned instrument. Creating a sustainable form of happiness.

14-Terri-NakamuraTerri Nakamura | @terrinakamura | blog

10 things that contribute to a happy life: Wealth, desire, intelligence, genetics, beauty, friendship, marriage, faith, charity and age.

15-Debra-CincioniDebra Cincioni | @MomsofAmerica | blog

The Key to Happiness is Unconditional Love.

16-Peggy-FitzpatrickPeggy Fitzpatrick | @PegFitzpatrick | blog

Start each day with a fresh attitude of joy and gratitude. Be happy with what you have and bring happiness to others. Because it always comes back to you!

17-Mahei-Foliaki-Iconic88Mahei Foliaki | @Iconic88 | G+


18-MarcomeMarcomé | @Marcome | website

Happiness is a state of being; it’s a decision to become responsible to take care of your own needs…all of them! You choose not to rely on external conditions anymore to provide yourself with care, love, food etc. Unfortunately, we’re shown the opposite most of the time in movies and on television series where people are perfect, rich, fusional, always have make up even when they get out of bed in the morning! I call it the Snow White syndrome. The consumerism preaches, “You are what you possess, your status in society, your job, your body, your beauty!” I say get back the power of you, it’s within, not out there.

19-Akram-KhanM Akram Khan | @Mak_pk | G+

Contentment and peace within :)

20-Deborah-LeeDeborah Lee | @debsylee | website

Don’t fixate upon what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have. Contentment is the core of happiness.

21-Chris-BurgetChris Burget | @BullsandBeavers | website

The biggest key for me is attitude and keeping positive. Although we all face adversity at some time in our lives, it is the ability to manage our highs and lows and be grateful for what we have. Look at the glass as half full rather than half empty.

22-Amit-VermaAmit Verma | @AmitV_Tweets | blog

When we do something for others like helping them in the time of need and serve them so by doing that the joy you will get that’s your real happiness you get. World is full of overcoming as much you spread happiness and joy in the world you will also get the same response back. So keep spreading love and joy. Keep Rocking. :)

23-YvonneYvonne | @YvonneWindell

To me happiness is when your loved ones treat you with respect and make you feel important… and of course, when you know you can trust them.

24-Boris-RasonjaBoris Rasonja | @brasonja | website

I’ll just say a few general “keys” which are usually the core and meaningfulness of happiness:
- having a healthy mind and body
- being satisfied and appreciate what you have
- feeling good about yourself + trust your natural instincts and intuitive nature
- facing problems honestly
- having good friends and a meaningful work

There’s one “unofficial” thing – having enough money for a decent life (at least :P)

25-Lucie-HysLucie Hys | @OnlineFantastic | blog

Appreciating what you have, recognizing, and letting go of the things that are unimportant…

26-JD-AndrewsJD Andrews | @earthXplorer | blog

The key to happiness is balance. Oh yeah, and Free Wi-Fi :)

27-Tony-HastingsTony Hastings | @TheTop10Blog | blog

My key to happiness – Positive people around you, positive thoughts in your head and a life lived without regret!

28-Jenny-SheJenny She | @jshe | blog

Happiness is when I am with my loved one doing and talking about the things that we love! We don’t have to be together physically but we are on the same wave length because we are connected. This is because LOVE is the big factor!

29-Harsh-AjmeraHarsh Ajmera | @techonzo | blog

For me, the key to Happiness is prioritizing everything around me. It can be family, work, friends, colleagues, food, fun, and parties, anything that I do. I just arrange them as per their priority and enjoy being with or doing them to the best I can.

30-Sunil-JainSunil Jain | @gupshupblog | blog

All have different mantras for being happy; mine would always be “Expect less Give MORE” and “Patience is always the LIFE.” At the initial stages, you might feel like you’re in the wrong path, but once you start loving people without judging them, you’ll never have a reason to hate anyone and hence Happiness resides besides you all the time.

There are many ways to be happy ;) The only person you can make you happy is always “YOU.” If you’re sick of your life, you must always prefer for vitamin “U” and move forward with all your vitamins of your life. I think if given a chance I can write a book about this. :D

31-ShireShire Hakel | @ShiCooks | blog

For me, happiness comes from being authentic, having meaningful connections, appreciating, and enjoying a simple life. All this contributes to seeing the big picture.

32-Milana-RyanMilana Ryan | @rM1L | website

Key to happiness is a grateful heart, if one can’t be grateful, nothing seems to be enough and the happiness will depend on things or situations, though genuine grateful heart comes from the faith and hope to GOD.

33-paganpagan | @torque10

Key to happiness is contentment. Being content with who you are and what you have in life. Happiness must begin from within before you can search without.

34-Amy-NeumannAmy Neumann | @CharityIdeas | blog

Happiness is about choosing what you see regardless of what you’re viewing. Think and see positive & happiness follows!

*Title image credit: UAman

Before wrapping up…

Considering the length (1750+ words already!), this article will be continued and concluded in Part 2, which I planned to publish on Jan 30 (Monday.) As I mentioned earlier, some awesome contributions worth the blog-post are waiting in line!

What’s more, if you would like to participate, you’re welcome to do so. Please send your responses to my Twitter account DM / Facebook account PM or send directly to my email from here.

Now, It’s time to express your views about friends’ responses and also your take on the Key to Happiness in the comments section below.

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  • http://marketingbard.com Bill Strawderman

    Happy, happy I remain
    When gratitude is on my brain.
    For in this life, the love you show
    Will bring the joy you strive to know.

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Wow, really lovely verse that rhymed well, Bill. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  • http://www.socialmediaforsmartpeople.com Michele Price @prosperitygal

    ARK, this is really cool to be able to see each person’s perspective of happiness. Thank for thinking of this and taking time to create the post.

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Drafting this article is kind of nothing when compared to the quality of thoughts you and friends bestowed upon us. Thank you for dropping by, Michele!

  • http://www.modernlifeblogs.com Amit Verma

    Such a great post. So many inspirational thoughts to read. Awesome Post. Keep Rocking! :-)

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Thank you bro. Your rocking support always light up my day!

  • http://www.thetop10blog.com/ Tony Hastings

    Great collection of thoughts and something to take from all of them. Congratulations on putting together a wonderful, inspiring article :-)

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      That’s a real beauty of such a collaboration post, Tony! One question with limitless point of views, and we can have fun and learn from every one of them. Thank you for your lovely response & support throughout.

  • http://level343.com/article_archive/ Gabriella Sannino

    Wow I love what you did…Enjoyed reading, everyone’s responses. The silver thread that ties happiness to humans, is the gift of giving back. Thank you, Ark :)

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      That’s very kind of you to say, Gabriella. Without all your thought-provoking responses and support, this article couldn’t be possible. Thank you very much! :)

  • http://www.pegfitzpatrick.com Peggy Fitzpatrick

    Wow — this is a WHOLE lot of awesomeness in one post. Such a great collection of thoughts!

    I agree with JD – free Wifi makes me happy too!

    Thanks so much for including me!

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      It is indeed, Peg. Really glad to see so many nuggets of wisdom here. Thank you for being part of it. Oh yeah! JD as well as Boris, Sunil’s opinion cracks me up too. :)

  • http://twitter.com/2cre8 Kathy Meyer

    Loved reading everyone’s responses…just wonderful! Thanks for including me A.R.!! :D

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Kathy, It’s a pleasure to join forces with you all. I don’t know why it took so long to do. Thank you very much for sharing your happiness insights.

  • Akram Khan

    Sharing is caring … KIU ARK :)

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Absolutely bro! Seldom few things can make us happy other than sharing. Happiness left unshared can barely be labeled happiness; it has no flavor. Thank you. :)

  • http://www.designinspiration.co.uk Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy)

    The best thing about happiness is that there are so many ways to achieve it. I loved reading the thoughts of so many of my friends here. Of course, they are all right! I’m delighted you chose this topic for a collaborative post :-)

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      I’m very lucky to have all of our friends’ thoughts in one place. It’s really beautiful to work with them all. Lot to learn from everyone indeed. Now expecting more inspiration for part 2. Working on it. Thank you my friend for your constant support. :)

  • http://www.geekkamer.in vzades

    for me key to happiness is to limit your desire , satisfaction is key to happiness you desire a lot you get less and your are unhappy

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      That’s very true. It’s easy to get carried away and left disappointed when you like to possess so many things. There starts the trouble. What doesn’t satisfy when you find it, wasn’t the stuff you were wanting. Thank you!

  • http://www.techonzo.com Harsh

    Great articulation Karthick, thanks to including me. Splendid article, blessed to have so many thoughts one page.. very inspiring..

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Thank you so much for your lovely response to the question and to this comment, Harsh.

  • http://thenickyblog.com Nicky

    Great article!! Very inspiring. I want to contribute to the part 2 :P I’ll email you if it’s not too late to do so :D

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      It’s wonderful, isn’t it? That’s the beauty of such group post. Glad that you’ll be a part of upcoming part 2! Thank you, Nicky! :)

  • http://blog.msdsonline.com/feed/ Angel Collins

    Those are a lot of responses. As for me, the first thing that pops into my mind as an answer to that question is that the key to happiness is self-contentment and being able to think optimistic. I mean, you can share your happiness with others if you, yourself already know that you are contented with what you have plus being optimistic drives others to be thinking that way as well. One more thing, being with great friends is also a key. Thanks! :)

  • http://extreme-euphoria.blogspot.com/ Chuck Bluestein

    This was a great idea to get many people’s opinions on this. Since there are different degrees or levels of happiness, I would say that happiness is constantly growing and evolving so that you feel ever greater levels of happiness as you get older.

  • http://www.ouiinfrance.com/rss Diane

    This is great. Loved reading all these perspectives. They’re all right. I think we need to do what’s best for us and not always do everything for other people all the time. Be content with what we are and what we have, and then because we’re happy, that attitude will carry over into all aspects of our lives and into our loved ones’ lives.

  • http://suchismita-onthebrink.blogspot.in/ Suchismita Pai

    Mark Twain’s words sum it up for me – “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” Nice post. It is interesting to see how we are all alike in so many ways, especially when it comes to what makes us happy.

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