What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that’s another matter. Peter F. Drucker.

You want to top the class in the exams, but you’re not preparing well.

You would like to blog regularly, but you keep finding excuses.

You’re dying to get that super client, but your competitor swept them away.

You’re trying to break free from all the messy stuffs, but you can’t find a way out.

Sounds familiar? What are the odds then? Buckle up; it’s about you and your willpower.

Our visions and precious goals are great, genuine, and embrace the guarantee of a blissful life, a superior you, logic of satisfaction and success. But when it’s about time to take the plunge, it feels like you are surmounted by all the problems in the world. You’re willing to prove a point, but your mind mechanism seems to defy it. The intellectual complexity of doing even the little actions can be awful and very inadequate.

See, you are not on your own in this scenario. Virtually most of us have trouble sustaining willpower and pursue. It is a taught ability — one that requires methods and the definite awareness of how to carry on.

When you develop into an adept at initiating but a crash at execution/success, confidence predictably drops. Week thinking habitually sneaks in to corrupt your self-assurance and what’s more sabotage your willpower. To spare yourself, conceivably you start to make alibis. All of this deed is deception, a challenge by your mind to keep you happily settled in sluggishness and the situation itself.

You like things to be relaxed, simple, realistic, instantly rewarding, and set in your ways. Then your mind starts to play some tricks that won’t allow you to settle down easily and makes you react to circumstances.

So how does one bolster the willpower? How does one survive the hunch of struggle, inactivity, and anxiety that is the typical reaction to something fresh and but difficult?

Willpower killers

If you aren’t insisting to build a habit, achieve an objective, and finish a mission, there are in fact only 3 willpower killers rest in your way of life — lack of interest, lack of sincerity, and lack of sensible knowledge/abilities. Each of these things can be conquered, letting you to intensify your willpower to achieve almost everything your mind/body is gifted of attaining.

Here are 10 ways to bolster your willpower…

1. Do your groundwork and be decisive

Before you embark on any new routine or set any target, provide yourself enough time to recognize unerringly what’s needed in inducing this amend to ensue.

Consider the time it will require and how you will allocate the required time. If it’ll affect others, devise a strategy to deal with them. If you need any unique understanding, prepare/acquire it. If you have to sacrifice something you love for this change to happen, think twice. Clear judgment is necessary about the impact that habit/goal will make in your life. It’s always better to think sooner than to worry later.

Equipped with the awareness from your groundwork, make an enlightened and sincere decision. You have to be willing enough to exercise the function in the thick of getting this thing happen. Never let doubts creep into you whether the result be merit the sweat. Of course, it’s impossible to predict till you begin calling for feat, but you should get a rough sketch of what to anticipate before you progress.

2. Cut down on deluging emotions

If the habit/goal appears intimidating, it will kill your aspiration to toil firmly for it. You can crack it down into doable, easy, and concise acts or stints. Put together it so effortless to complete that it doesn’t sense like a unpleasant task. With an untrained convention, begin with few minutes (say 10 to 15) a day, daily — gradually escalating your time over respective weeks. Studies have confirmed that it demands 21 days to form a habit. So, organize accordingly.

3. No secrets, just publicize and be responsible

Inform everyone about your work start/progress — proclaim it to pals, family members, and if possible, on social media (update on Facebook, Twitter or your blog) too. You’ll get plenty of encouragement. When you publicize your goals, it instantaneously bolsters your willpower. A widespread pledge transforms your personal opinion about your significance. Nobody would like to be humiliated before others, right? Your progress/performance will keep getting better.

Create a method of responsibility so that you can express your deeds, hits and misses, on a daily basis. This may be a buddy or it could be on social media (as mentioned above) or in a discussion board of some kind. Don’t just publicize it once and then vanish. Let people update/recognize about your improvement.

4. Beware of life troubles

Life used to throw all the tantrums at you around every corner. There will be circumstances in life that might strive to hinder your efforts. And it is so undemanding to tolerate them to dent your endeavor. You have to anticipate ahead of potential setbacks that might take place and settle on how you will tackle with these situations. Determine antecedently what you will concede to interfere your chore and associate with the course of action in hand.

5. Be affirmative

In the middle of your achievement course, sometimes when you feel like to give up, your mentality begins fetching for unnecessary cover-ups and lame motives to bestow you a negative stimulation/turnoff from the duty you are accountable. It is natural and too easy to give up rather than to begin. Be conscious of your intellect’s stabs to disrupt you, and with intent lead off asserting compassionate and affirmative thoughts to yourself the moment you suffer rational conflict.

6. Picture the result

Mental picture has an amazingly commanding chain reaction on the common sense. It can essentially refresh nervous system trails in your brain to prop up the corporeal sweats you are forming. When you practice mindfulness (the trait of staying aware of/paying close attention to your responsibilities), it illustrates a cutback in the panic hub of the brain and a boost in the lucid brain. So as you observe you factually rewire a strong mind. Seize a few instants before necessitating power on your routine or purpose to picture yourself achieving it.

7. Surpass disappointment

It demands certain commitment to build up willpower and implementation on nearly any effort you put in. And if you deal with something arduous, like losing weight or the need to constantly working out, likelihoods are abundant you will fall short a few times before you are victorious. Disappointment doesn’t signify it can’t be made. It might imply you set it up too daunting or didn’t prepare in advance. Matriculate from the letdowns and initiate again, rectifying what you believe rooted you to develop/quit. Be tolerant to yourself and distinguish that bolstering willpower is an ongoing advancement.

8. One baby step at a time and commit to do it daily

You may have plenty of ambitions and many stuff you want to finish, but till you reinforce your willpower with one shot; don’t challenge yourself to undertake quite a few at a time. Start the development of bolstering your willpower with something uncomplicated. Take one baby step at a time. When you complete that, advance to a new, somewhat tougher step. Rise to tricky objectives or works so that you discern what to anticipate and how to manage with hindrances or difficulties.

Free of evaluating your gain or loss; try to defy minor lures throughout your day. Demonstrate to yourself that you are competent of short bits of determination. These small achievements will sustain your bigger tries at bolstering willpower.

9. Uphold complete accountability for your moves

Whatever happens to you, it’s obviously happening because of your own choices. That being said, there come some circumstances you can’t control, but despite that, you can decide how to counteract to them. Keep in mind that we are not mere martyrs. We have an everlasting range of preferences that can transform the class of our survival. Whatever your choice is, do it with both your heart and mind. Never regret your decision once it fails. Do switch lanes and always accept full accountability for your doings. Try to create your own circumstances instead of succumbing to creeping ones. There is awesome authority in that alone to bolster your willpower.

10. Take a break

When you are inspired to do something, work hard at it, you can always reach your goal. That’s no secret. Still, when your willpower diminishes and you can’t gather up the power to apply, maybe it’s a indication that you rightfully require a break. Relaxing days are a vital component of just about any habit/goal you like to achieve and there’s nothing immoral with hopping the remaining work out for a day. Providing these days don’t develop into regular occasions, they won’t be sufficient to upset your principal steps forward. Actually, they might assist you to be determined and give a boost to your dedication both physically and mentally. Utilize the casual rest day to take a breather and actually refresh. Meditation, yoga, and light exercises can help immensely even on your chaotic days.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. – Mahatma Gandhi.

You have the benefit of a mighty brain, but it occasionally tend to have a wit of its own! Luckily, you also have the capacity to control that power and utilize it to a set intention that can improve your living, your wellbeing, and your contentment. If you work out/bolster your intellectual muscle of willpower, eventually, you will enhance the intelligence and self-belief to achieve anything you like/opt to do. And remember, the sky’s the limit.

I know these are not some of the groundbreaking ways to bolster your willpower. But then, there is always plenty to learn from all of our experiences. I’ll be very happy if you find this article useful.

Now it’s your turn to occupy my blog’s comments section!

How do you bolster your willpower? What ways are working out for you? Do share your thoughts and discuss below.

P.S., Wish you all a Merry Christmas, Fun-filled Holidays, and a Happy New Year ahead. :)

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  • diane

    Willpower comes with daily practice of discipline. Children often are not good in that area and will require daily practice to improve.

    • Karthick AR

      Absolutely, Diane. Practice of discipline is very important in almost any field left alone willpower one would like to improve. Children as well as adults who behave like children require special attention and practice! Practice makes perfect. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Lalita Raman (@rlalita on Twitter)

    Will power enables one to even overcome sickness & pain. One has to be very strong willed but for sure it helps. Mental strength is very essential & can help surpass the physical pain. If there ain’t any will there ain’t any way :).

    • Karthick AR

      I Couldn’t agree more, Lalita. Whether it’s a physical ailment or a mental block, practicing/having a strong willpower can be of great help. Placebo treatment indicates that too. Thanks for the valuable comment. :)

  • Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    I just stumbled upon this and love your inclusion of the science behind visualization, as that is an area where I strongly believe in the power of it yet haven’t fully explored it in it’s full potential!

    As a kid I loved to daydream…time to bring it back :).

    • Karthick AR

      Happy to welcome you, Sabrina. Thank you. Well, most of us don’t realize the power of visualizations/dreams for the successful result on any goal/habit one can think of. Perceiving something better will surely make it happen. It’s all in the mindset. Wish you happy daydreaming & forthcoming achievements! :)

  • Angel Collins

    Those are really nice tips. I tend to procrastinate a lot specially when I feel that there’s still time. Not really a good habit. So, I guess I should really discipline myself now and learn to make use of my time properly. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Tony Hastings

    Good advice as ever from you Karthick. It’s so easy to blame outside factors for all the stuff that doesn’t work out in our lives, your tips remind us that we have the power to influence so much if we have the willpower to follow things through!

    • Karthick AR

      While we might not be capable of defying the ever-increasing lures of the world, we can certainly get the better of them, uncovering ways to evade that mind battle in the first place. The ultimate way to increase willpower is to identify the natural flaw of the will and workout on few ways. Thank you Tony for your thoughtful comment. :)

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick

    Really great post! I will save it and re-read for inspiratation.

    I especially love your summary quote by Ghandi. Truly where there is a will, there’s a way!

    Love it!

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