What actions describe the remarkably productive? What routines, principles, and tactics establish a few people persistently more productive than the rest?

First, what exactly productivity is? The definition may vary from person to person. Mine goes like this…

Productivity is getting right work done in time, every time — by managing your resources quite well.

Getting yourself engaged with some work at hand isn’t alone being productive. It’s all in the end result. How efficiently you done it matters more, be it your office work or your home chores.

You might be finding yourself many times that you’re sweating all day for nothing. Whereas uber-productive folks can concentrate on result-oriented work as they’re smart enough to differentiate productivity from just being busy. Habitually the baby step in doing right things is finding and decimating the clutters that consume your precious time and efforts.

Here are 10 tips you can practice to develop your productivity, starting today.

1. Simplify tasks


Clarity thrusts proper productivity. Consider on the minor, somewhat insignificant jobs that vie for your interest daily. What can be purged, streamlined, assigned, or demoted to the low priority list? Productive people relentlessly get rid of those jobs that battle for their bout and drain their assets.

If you are in a business with an efficient team and have plenty of little issues to solve daily, you may very well consider to give control to proper staff to solve those instead of panicking out all by yourself, and doing nothing in the process. Guide and authorize every eligible team player to come up with more opinions/solutions without any supervision.

2. Deal with interruptions


The power of our uber-tied, 24/7/365 world bids us incredible possibilities to occupy—and especially even further room to turn ourselves into unfocused state.

The genuinely productive recognize the peril of commotion in all its kinds and set up obvious limits between the vital tasks and the swarm of pastimes that strive for their scrutiny. Whether the interruptions are in the form of job elements or while just having fun, cultivating a clear-cut technique for what you’re doing is essential in evolving into more productive.

3. Do what inspires/motivates you


No approach can equal the enthusiasm that springs in from remaining motivated all along. We all know that there is sheer enchantment in enthusiasm. It states the disparity between ordinary one from winner.

Productive persons realize this and allow their agendas compromising enough to spot and react to what motivates/inspires them first. While such awesome moments rarely strikes when you’re pulling our hair out and often have to urge yourself to finish some assignments, distinguishing how to take advantage of those inspired times can renovate your work perspective, unclutter time management, and enhance the class of outcomes.

4. Use time effectively


Time is gold. Well, in my opinion it’s much more than that. Keep in mind that nothing could be completed if you hang around until you had adequate or good enough time.

Productive individuals signify even tiny segments of time utilized properly/cleverly can shape away at missions both huge and modest. Whether it’s 10 minutes prior to office hours or 30 to 60 minutes through travel, being geared up, organized to snatch that precious time can make a world of difference. Meanwhile, be aware of your concerns and figure out how your work slice suits in to the main work overall. Never do it randomly, without purpose.

5. To-do lists and Goal setting


Top productive people emphasize that each goal is connected with one another, despite how little it is can be determined by smarter/minor endorsing goals. Analyzing this association and course is necessary in raising solid goal setting.

Say your main goal is running a successful blog. Now this main goal may be linked and pushed by smaller goals like setting up your blog, writing content frequently, getting readers/subscribers, and monetizing etc. Moreover, all of these little goals are held by even finer mini-goals.

Organizing a daily to-do list is possibly the most familiar way we spot each of these small goals/tasks and realize how those equip into the main progress. Productive persons incline to be passionate list creators/controllers and are moved by finishing those every day tasks that, ultimately, propel them to better success.

6. Multitasking mayhem


If utilized correctly, with in boundaries, multitasking can be a good option that lets you do many different things right away, on time and be proficient in all of them. It’s one of the most debated issue in contemporary business culture as well. The keenness and skill to manage as many tasks at once is virtually adopted, and many people are taught (read: forced) to be like that. But what nuances of focus, reminiscence and excellence are vanished as we haphazardly multitask?

The highly productive discerned that multitasking can be handy on occasions and totally useless at others. You need to pick your situation to multitask cautiously. For those tasks that don’t need ingenious pinpointing, social articulation, awareness to detail, or swift reaction times, multitasking functions very nice. By the way, have you found any such jobs? Lucky for you! At all other times, stick with the deep-rooted “focus on one thing and do it” strategy and move on to the next one. It’ll enhance the class of your work, ease your pressure, aid your collective abilities and eventually, turn you into a highly productive person.

7. Confront procrastination


Procrastination and productivity never get along well. Procrastination is the act in which a person holds finishing their tasks with intent. In the end, this transforms into a routine as it is invariably effortless to seize the path with no struggle. It is where you let your precious/potential opportunities fade away as well.

Procrastination is one of the most widespread roots of disappointments. It sets itself within your system, anticipating it’s chance to ruin your likelihoods of success. Never wait for the right moment, go ahead, and make any moment right by doing something valuable. All of us do procrastinate at times. One can’t deny this fact. But don’t make it a habit. It’s a potent productivity killer.

8. Purge perfection


When you’re doing some work, what’s on your mind first? I hope it’s to finish not to perfect it, that too when you’ve limited time or when your deadline approaches. Always focus on progress, not perfection. Akin to procrastination, perfection itself is a big productivity knockout punch. Pushing for perfection and refusing everything else can turn into a barrier to initiative, inspiration, and contentment in the execution of daily duties and purposes.

Instead, concentrating on progress will emphasize the fact that what you consider usual tasks and goals are in fact growing steps en route for triumph of the top levels and achievements. Keep in mind that perfection is just a delusion where you’ll in no way get there. Once you understand that all stuff in this world is imperfect, you can calm down and calibrate on development, or growth. Once you value what you’re doing, you’ll unearth your inventiveness, productivity and cheerfulness will augment firmly.

9. Deal with criticism


I don’t know how do you deal with criticism which is hard to escape, particularly the unreasonable, negative ones. But, genuinely productive people do deal with them effectively by eliminating them completely from the word go. See, there is no point in worrying about all the non-sense stuff thrown at you. If you want to defend your stance and or lash back at your attacker, add another -1 to your productivity scale.

It’s a complete waste of time and resources, and a surefire productivity sucker. If it’s constructive criticism, do thank the critic, open to learn, correct and never repeat the mistakes. The people who suggest you honest constructive criticism do so as they wish to see you step up your workflow. There is always scope for progress. Ask for opinions regularly, and focus to do it productive for yourself.

10. Refresh


By far the most underestimated productivity tip is taking a little breather; mini-breaks from work to refresh yourself. With the help of ever-growing technology, media, and gadgets – we are virtually in ‘always connected’ phase whether it’s home or workplace, don’t matter. Though it sounds good and convenient, seldom we’re able to take that much required refreshing breaks. We tend to stuff too many actions in a day after day without realizing the fact that we’re exhausting ourselves both physically and mentally.

The advantages of having some time for rest were proved amazing by many researches. If you are seeking for a method to do get more things done without tension, put together a clear plan, stand by it, and add time for getting a rest… and see the results! I do take 5 to 10 minutes breaks in all my working hours (18 hours to be exact, 6 days/week) to focus on work that matters for sheer productivity. It works like a charm!

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Productivity is believed to be about giving you more time that is precious and your beautiful life back. Begin reducing clutters/matters out and you will get there much earlier than attempting to hit upon extravagant means to squeeze more in. Finally, productivity is conceived as traditional subject as well as elegant approach.

Aligning our lives in order that we get the most out of our possibilities of being productive is itself half the battle won. Once we see outcomes and initiate to strengthen grip, the tactics develop into routine and we unwrap ourselves capable of a life that’s catered by brilliant time management, more riveted work, and awesome individual and pro success.

By practicing these simple tips, you should be equipped to develop your productivity and take yourself to new heights. Try every method one at a time, and grasp onto the ones that will work for you. If something isn’t working for you, don’t dwell on it. Just move on.

So… where are you going to start out? How do you get things done? Are you productive in what you do daily? What has benefited for you to be more productive?

Let’s share your experience and discuss about it with us in the comments below.

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  • Al Mullins

    Thank you for putting this blog together and sharing. I found most of your suggestions intriguing. I will certainly take your advice and implement these simple, yet vital, habits into my daily workflow.

  • Krystyn

    Thanks for these informative tips you’ve given. I like your style, Karthick. I’ve found I’m more productive and motivated when there is less clutter around me. Thus, cleaning up is necessary. My cat also appreciates a freshly vacuumed carpet.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Brian

    Awesome post! I particularly like your definition of “productivity” – (Productivity is getting right work done in time, every time — by managing your resources quite well.)

    Check out this new online productivity tool (Productive Balance) that was designed with one thing in mind – Getting more of the RIGHT things done! Productive Balance not only measures your productivity, but balance as well.

    Watch the demo and you’ll see how it works!



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  • Harry

    Great advice on goal setting.

    You may also want to check out and download a free ebook on goal setting called “Goals! How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” at

  • Linda Mcmahon

    Great content on the area of self-fulfillment.

  • Rajesh Namase

    Really nice tips, thanks for posting :)

  • Lori McNee

    Thank you for the great post. This year I am doing my best to use my time wisely and to focus on each task at hand. Multi-tasking has been my nemesis! Taking time to refresh is really important to me as an artist.
    ~Lori :)

    • Karthick AR

      Happy to be of some help, Lori. Multitasking is kind of an illusion that may give you the impression of finishing many tasks at once. But it’s doing the exact opposite and kills concentration more than anything else. Yup, in our hectic life/work style, seldom we’re caring to refresh our body/mind. Good to know you’re already started. Thank you.

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