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With recent subscribe function/timeline feature, Facebook seem to jump right into the battle ring with Google+. Yet Twitter continues to be the most important driver of traffic for my personal site and many others too.

Handling Twitter efficiently was one of the most important things for me to do, in order to grow, and establish a network. With the help of many tools out there, the Twitter experience is made a lot more fun and meaningful.

Here are the top 10 Tools/Apps you might want to check out to step up your Twitter game and significantly increase your efficiency (aka performance).

1. TwimbowA new approach for a Twitter dashboard

The space of Twitter dashboards is quite crowded, yet Twimbow genuinely brings something new to the table and deserves a proper look.


The app gives you a chance to color-code messages from various friends or if they carry certain actions. @Replies are typically marked blue; DM’s from you are yellow and so forth. I found that once you get the hook of the various colors it could help tremendously to identify messages quicker and get more out of your Twitter stream.

Efficiency Tip: You can color-code each update individually and make communicating with other Twimbow users a lot easier that way.

2. BufferIncrease clicks, retweets and followers

One of the most important things to Twitter I found is to provide great content for your followers. But, doing this day in day out can sometimes be quite difficult. Buffer helps you do exactly that.


All you have to do is drop tweets into your queue with Buffer and they will be posted for you throughout the day at optimal times. You even can do this from any website with just one click using the browser extension.

Efficiency Tip: What I like best is that for each tweet buffered you will get analytics as how many clicks, retweets and reach you have received.

3. NutshellMailMonitor who is mentioning you on Twitter

This is definitely one of the simplest Apps I have used to date.


All you have to do is connect your Twitter account and the app automatically sends you an update whenever you want with the most important happenings. This includes mentions, DM’s and the latest tweets from people in your Twitter lists. I found this to be a great way to stay on top of Twitter, especially if you are managing an account together with others.

Efficiency Tip: NutshellMail also lets you connect to a number of other networks to stay up to date on things, no matter where your brand is mentioned across the web.

4. TwebeventOrganize Twitter events more easily

Every week, I am running a Twitter chat called #ToolsChat to talk about the latest apps and techniques for Twitter. With Twebevent, organizing this is facilitated in many different ways.


You can put an outline of what the event is all about right next to the TweetChat interface. This is highly customizable and you can add pictures, links and formatting, just like you do with blog posts. With TweetChat people can participate in the event without having to reenter the hashtag every time.

Efficiency Tip: You can use Twebevent also to browse through various other events that are going on and find new, helpful Twitter chats to participate in.

5. TweriodFind your best time to tweet

Many apps have attempted in the past to come up with a solution to find the best times to tweet. I believe Tweriod is by far the best solution out there though.


The app analyzes both you and your followers past Tweets and even excludes auto-tweeting apps to make the result more accurate. What I normally do is query Tweriod for the best times to tweet and then set them up inside my Buffer account.

Efficiency Tip: Tweriod also gives you the option to download a full Pdf-report to get even more in-depth insights around your Twitter account.

6. PeerIndexInfluencer groups across the web

Similar to its strongest competitor product, PeerIndex measures and scores your influence across the web.


The tool includes a number of variables and different Social Networks that you can connect with it. I found that the Twitter score alone is usually quite accurate already to measure influence though. What I like best is that you can curate groups of top influencers that can be easily shared with your followers.

Efficiency Tip: A great feature from PeerIndex is that you can embed these groups on your blog and use it as a great piece of content for your readers.

7. RapportiveTweeting right from inside Gmail

This efficient app has helped me a great deal to bring my email and Twitter closer together.


Whenever you receive an email from someone, Rapportive will show you their latest tweets from their stream in the sidebar of Gmail. This is a fantastic way to understand more about your email contacts, especially if you are talking to someone, that you are dying to learn more about to feed the right information.

Efficiency Tip: What I like best here is that you can retweet or send @replies right from inside Gmail, which makes the interaction a lot more casual.

8. TwylahGive your Tweets a longer life

Twylah is one of these Apps that just become part of my daily Twitter routine to use.


It automatically takes all your tweets and displays them on a beautiful new Twitter landing page for you. Twylah orders all your tweets into topics and categories and makes it super simple for your visitors to understand what you are tweeting about.

Efficiency Tip: One of Twylah’s advanced features is to send a Power Tweet. This will give any link a new, separate page, where it is grouped by relevant content, giving you up to 4 times more engagement.

9. MentionmappWho is in your Twitter network?

A very fun, yet also powerful app to use is called Mentionmapp.


The app draws a beautiful graph around your Twitter username, showing you the most engaged connecting from your network. You can handily type in any new username and see their network evolve in real time in front of you. Try this with a few of your friends and you will always find new people you haven’t come across yet.

Efficiency Tip: What I like best here is that you can click on any other username after your map has been created and explore their network in connection to the existing Twitter username you searched for.

10. TweetStatsPowerful Twitter analytics

TweetStats is an amazing, free Twitter analytics dashboard that gives you an insight on all the most important metrics you need to know.


You will find out how many new followers, replies and tweets over time you have sent. Understanding this can be very powerful to make sure, you are tweeting the right content that keeps your followers engaged with you.

Efficiency Tip: TweetStats also comes with a table showing you, Tweet Density. This in fact, shows you when most of your followers are online, and is a great indication for you to tweet more.


Using these awesome tools has made Twitter a lot more fun and enjoyable for me. So it’s over to you, now! Can some of these or any other new tools help to make Twitter more efficiently for you too?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.

Author box:

Leo-WidrichAuthor name: Leo Widrich

About: Co-founder of Buffer App, Leo is a Social Media buff with an extra large sized addiction to Twitter. He always looks out for the best Twitter tips and tools to share and writes about it at the Buffer blog every week. You will find him online for the larger part during any day of the week. Hit him up on Twitter if you need anything, Leo will be quick in responding and helping you out. Uber-active/responsive buddy of mine! Follow him right away.

P.S. If you like to contribute an awesome guest post on, please contact me HERE with the subject line : Guest Post (or) send me a DM on Twitter @arkarthick.

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  • Ileane

    Hey Leo! You are always sharing the coolest Twitter tools. There are few here on the list that I need to check especially MentionMaps.
    Twylah and Buffer are my favorites :)

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Ileane,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by here, it is always great to see your friendly face! :)

      Yes, mentionmapp rocks, definitely check it out if you get a minute!

      So glad Twylah and Buffer are your favourites. They are mine too :)

  • Pj Zafra

    Hey! Thanks for all the helpful tips here. These are definitely great tools to use for twitter. I also recommend using TweetAdder and SocialOomph. Those are also really good and effective tools. Thanks again and keep it up! :D

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Pj, thanks a lot for the heads up on this. Yes, those two tools are a great addition and definitely useful for our readers here! :)

  • Gail Gardner

    Twitter is my #1 social network too and I really need to make the time to check out some of these other apps. Leo, you should pop into my Twitter Best Practices post and your guest posts on GrowMap and share the link to this post. I’ll put that post’s link in the regular URL field in this comment so you can get to it more easily.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Gail,

      Thanks a lot for stopping bye here, really appreciate it Gail. Yes, definitely will head over there and put this in, I think it will help people a lot! :)

  • Rusty

    Thank you Leo for these valuable tips! I had started using Buffer not long ago and it has increased my interactivity tremendously. I will certainly be checking into MentionMapp which sounds real cool!

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Rusty,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. This is awesome, and yes, so glad Buffer is useful. Yep, take a look at mentionmapp and see how it fits you, let me know if you have any other questions on this for me! :)

  • Tammy

    Would love to see MarketMeSuite on the list!

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Tammy, will be sure to include you next time, the new, *free* MMS is awesome! :)

  • Mayka

    Crowdbooster combines a couple of these services’ products in one dashboard. Check it out, they just opened registration.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Mayka,

      Thanks for the heads up on this, yes I believe Crowdbooster is a fantastic alternative to some tools too.

  • Stephan Hilson

    These are interesting tools to try since I was trying to figure out how to update my twitter after publishing a post. It seems interesting for me to try twimbow and buffer. But I am curious if these tools are safe to try especially if the website that you are promoting has advertisement campaigns on it. Anyway, I will definitely check out these tools.

  • John

    Thanks for including Mentionmapp on your list Leo!

  • Emily S.

    There are so very many Twitter tools out there now, and it’s hard to sift through them all and distill which ones are beneficial and which ones are a waste of time. Thank you for compiling this list!!! Getting them all in one place with succinct explanations is incredibly helpful.

  • Navin

    Hi Leo, Thanks for those greatest twitter tools. To be honest, I never know about some of the tools (I feel dumb now). Thanks for sharing AWESOME tools and AWESOMENESS! :). I must say the two tools I started using after reading this article increased my twitter followers as well as my twitter traffic. hurreyy!

  • Christie Montague

    I just went through and tried all of these tool out. I liked Twimbow the best. The colors make it convenient to scroll through looking for tweets. Thanks for the info!

  • valentine belonwu

    Hi Leo,
    Nice lists and just bookmarked this site and will come back to check them all. I would like you to please include on your next list.


  • Ellie

    Excellent article, Leo, of 10 Tools to Significantly Increase Your Twitter Efficiency. I am making Twitter an important part of my efforts to ‘get the word out’ about my new blog on my anxiety experiences. Tweetstats and Mentionmapp seem to be especially suited to my needs. Thanks :)

  • Gabriella Sannino

    Excellent post! I’ve used a few on this list… time to look into the new ones! Happy holidays :) and thank you.

  • Josh Ledgard

    That’s a great list. One of the big problems that needs to be solved still is helping people get personally engaged to the most important stuff being said about their brands…

    We’re building a tool that’s going to be your prioritized inbox for social media. Signup now if you want to save when we launch and get a sneak peak. :)

    In other words we’ll be right there next to bufferapp soon. :)

  • Biken Shrestha

    Awesome post. Few i use daily and few will be addition to my usage. Thnx for the post

  • Sherry Piatti

    Excellent article! I did not realize rapportive could tweet within Gmail. Cool beans! :)

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