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Not long ago, blogging was the prime mode of online content creation and distribution. Only recently, it has been tested by emerging platforms. Many people and firms/brands alike everyone jumped into blogging bandwagon, and they found it out as the excellent way to get in touch with people. Blogging isn’t limited and can be utilized and powered for numerous unique motives and for your inspiration.

In recent times, there are too many speculations popping about blogging’s downfall while many blogs accumulated ubiquitously. But has the blog world exploded so heavily that there are, simply put, it’s now clearly congested and hardly have any room for new bloggers? Is blogging heading for drop by the sideline for latest means of user-oriented content management and more importantly social media / social networking? Where do your blogs blend in with the trendy Twitter, Facebook, Google+ et al era? Is blogging, right for you?

These are some of the not-easy-to-answer questions. Still, there are few basic yet prominent things (actually, Top 10 things) you should know about why you should blog, why/when you shouldn’t, and clarify your mind before leap into blogging.

Why You Should Blog

1. Build influence

Whether you’re blogging for personal or professional reasons, it establishes genuine influence and helps you get a strong reader base. Although you may not attain a celebrity status through blogging, you’ll surely hit upon folks from various parts of the world and proficient cultivations that relish your authorship and have a constructive acquaintance with you.

You may count on ever-evolving social networks to replace blogging. But hey, your blog is like your own home, you’re writing on your own space, you own your domain name – you have complete control over it and no questions asked. You won’t have to fear anyone to build your name or brand.

2. Organize your thoughts

Writing for blogs compels you to express your thoughts in concise and precise manner. Unlike traditional media, blogs are often right to the point and cover a distinct serving of information, perspective, study, or suggestion.

This approach presents an effortless opening to the journalism’s world & writing overall and it’s an ideal equipment for those who are looking to organize, and archive their know-how’s / thoughts – a chronicle to hold for the current generation and an excellent habit to develop.

3. Share/gain expertise & Promote your business

When you love sharing your expertise with others, it’s not only boosting your moral values, but more people care to share their knowledge with you. Through blogging, you can achieve this easily. In fact, it’s a perfect platform – a launching pad of showcasing your skills. You can learn many new things and reap awesome perks on your own insights.

What is more, blogs frame proximity amongst your readers / subscribers and can give your name / brand an upbeat promotion. See, people will do business with you only when they’re familiar with you, be fond of what you do, and more importantly only when they believe you. It’s a no-brainer. Blogging pulls off all these basic business promotion tasks for you and your blog boast your proficiency, problem-solving abilities in a field.

4. Initiate a pleasing brand personality & Strengthen your personal profile

Many brands / firms habitually endure from a burden of monotonous press release/newsletter kind of publishing through their websites. Whereas blogs civilize people and business concerns to the public, build far meaningful connections, and initiate a pleasing brand personality, a personal voice. The less official, more friendly/familiar manner is an outstanding way to really tie up, engage with people and build brand’s lovers around the world.

A reliable blogger with a significant number of readers / subscribers is an influential gain to any business, mainly for the one who’s trying to augment branding over the interwebs. The work proposals that land in such bloggers’ email inboxes are decent, as lots of people in the SEO and tech niches have demonstrated in recent years. You can blog your way to a better job and settle for a nice career thereof.

5. To be innovative and have some fun

To be frank, some of the most exciting blogs out there are ones that had no ingenious tale trailing them – the authors seemed to stick in mundane activities and craved to break free and seek something very innovative, and boom! They successfully launched those extraordinary blogs. Just refer to the 10 cheerful blogs/websites that are archiving and cashing on people’s woes post in here. You get the picture!

If you’re in quest of an unruffled stimulant, a fresh pastime, or just fancy to attempt something utterly innovative, then a blog might be a perfect platform to begin your funventure (aka fun + adventure!). Possibly, it could even develop into a full-time profession if you feed enough impetus to it! Now wouldn’t that be a tale to tell, something cool – having fun while earning. Who says blogging is a serious business? It can be fun too. It’s all in how you do it.

So far, we discussed the reasons why you should blog and benefits of it. At present, you can carry out all the above-mentioned pointers (or) simply replace blogging through social media / social networking sites. But as I indicated earlier, if you want to hold the control of your precious content, you ought to blog. You don’t want it to possess by the giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Do you?

All right, so far so good. Now it’s time to flip the coin!

Why / When you shouldn’t Blog

6. If you don’t like/care

Figuring out the size of the blogosphere is a complex process. Conventionally, it would perhaps be fine to presume that there are over a 100+ million active blogs out there – be it a personal blog, a niche blog, a corporate blog or a whatever blog. And thousands of new blogs are being established and millions of posts are being published everyday.

Meanwhile, there are boatloads of blogs out there that have been dumped by their founders due to a lack of concern or more importantly, due to negligence. So why do you blog and how will you standout as a great blogger in this mess? Think once. If you can’t answer this, don’t care about your humble readers, please don’t blog for the sake of it.

7. If you can be easily frustrated

Although every new blogger begin their blogging journey with a vision to become a Problogger, don’t expect it to happen from the instant you publish your first blog post. Be optimistic! The competition is so heavy that your blog barely noticed by few folks and prominent search engines in early weeks/even months.

At that time, you may feel like that you’re presenting your beautiful speech in front of an empty hall. It’s where you have to trust your gut feelings. If you’ve confidence, you may climb the ladder soon. If you looking for quick results, can get easily frustrated by minor failures, and don’t be prepared to learn anything from it – then, blogging isn’t your cup of tea.

8. If you can’t create quality, original content

This reason alone can literally cease the blogging deal for you! Many blogs out there carry on adapting the same niches and helping people to fix the same issues. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you fail to publish compelling original content, instead when you just reblogging (aka CTRL+C and CTRL+V) each and every post of popular blogs, you begin to lose your reputation and momentum.

You provide very little value to your blog readers and thus you fail as a blogger. It’s OK if it’s your personal diary. Nobody cares! But, when it comes to your blog which is open for masses, you need to show your professional prowess!

9. If you can’t face challenges

If the blog world is truly this stuffed, one can’t help doubting if there’s any scope for new bloggers/blogs? It’s nice to know that there’s invariably ample amount of room out there for fresh and commanding blogs. But that room can’t be easily occupied without decimating some challenges you have to face as a blogger.

First, it requires immense enthusiasm – you have to reserve some time (blogging hours), motivation, creativity, and mental strength to churn out unique posts on a regular basis and then to promote it to potential readers – would be subscribers. If you have a social media influence, you can use it to your advantage. You have very little time to grasp their concern because of the neck-tight contest you’re facing, you ought to be outstanding to get acknowledged.

Constructing a devoted reader’s circle and active/committed fanbase isn’t going to happen in a jiffy either. It takes it’s own time. Moreover, Search engines, the prime source of your blog’s traffic do let their spiders out only as they deemed fit.

Vicious competition is one more thing you need to take care of as more and more blogs sharing the same niche. You can’t expect a favor from fellow bloggers too particularly when you’re new. You have to show up on your own. Can you face these sorts of challenges in blogging? If not, save your precious time for some other stuffs.

10. If you foresee your blog as a cashcow

It’s one of the core mistakes you commit towards your decision to blog. Make money blogging, make a living blogging – you might hear this crap so many times. Yet if you still fall for this trap alone, no one can help you. See, it’s a proven fact that you can’t make money for a living through blogging. Your blog isn’t a cashcow! published a hard-hitting article on this very topic.

Important quote from that post:-

Fake Steve Jobs’ best month came with a traffic spike. His actual identity was revealed in the New York Times, sending more than a half-million people to his site in a single day.

His payout? For that half-million-visitor day, about a hundred dollars in AdSense earnings. For the entire month, he made $1,039.81.

So if Fake Steve Jobs can’t monetize a blog, the rest of us are doomed, right? He worked hard, he created quality content, he had a terrific angle that went nicely viral. He was at the pinnacle, and he’s broke. So we will be too.

I know there are many ways to monetize your blog like displaying ads through Google Adsense, BuySellAds, even Infolinks et al. For your information, I monetize my blog through Infolinks and my monthly earning is about $10 (whopping!) for 1000-1500 unique visitors per day. It’s not even paying 20% for my VPS hosting.

Do you click the ads on blogs you’re visiting? People hate seeing ads, even blocking it through browser plugins when they see it all over the blog, seldom they are going to click it.

So be clear that unless your blog become a kickass one with regular quality post frequency, a huge community to follow up your updates, and more notably if you don’t have an wonderful product or topnotch service to sell, you seldom make any realistic money/decent income. Then, save your life from blogging!

*Image credit: Blogging Research Wordle by Kristina B | on Flickr


Just winding up this 2000+ words post. Thank you for your patience! That is all there is to it.

I’m not discouraging any wannabe bloggers here (from the 2nd part (last 5 points) of this post). I do tell you all this from my 18 months blogging experience – from the mistakes I committed. I’m not sure about how do you take it either.

But I’m confident that I pointed out all the necessary things you should know before leap into blogging – why you should blog, why/when you shouldn’t. If you answer YES to the first five points and answer NO to the last five points, you’re very well ready to begin your blogging journey. Otherwise, wait until you can do so. Don’t take any important decisions in life without thinking properly. Blogging can be your life changer.

Of course, there are many other mediums available such as social networking sites, micro-blogging platforms for testing your writing skills, sharing awesome information, and connecting/engaging with people that don’t embrace conventional blogging. You can very well try that out beforehand to test your influence.

Reserve your blogging desire until you feel comfortable to produce original, quality content for long-term and then be ready to reach the masses.

Is blogging, right for you?

Should you start a new blog now?

What are the pros and cons of blogging?

What do you think about the future of blogging amidst all the booming new social platforms?

Now it’s your time to return us a favor. Do enlighten and discuss with us in the comments below.

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  • Nicky

    Great post! Covers all the points :) #KeepRocking

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you very much for the kind words, Nicky. Actually, I edited this post from 3250+ words to 2100+ words one. So much left to tell still! You rock too. :)

  • E’Layne Koenigsberg

    thanks for your insight…it’s helpful…I am going to dive in soon!!

    • Karthick AR

      Wow, glad to be of any help and to be your inspiration too! Have fun blogging. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Ashutosh Nigam

    gr8 post for new bloggers…….

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you so much, Ashutosh. I hope this post will be more helpful for wannabe bloggers…

  • Diana Stevan

    Nice post. Well put. You echo what I’ve heard from others, but you’ve also added that personal touch. Thanks.

    • Karthick AR

      Feedback like this is what motivating me to write more. Thank you so much, Diana. :)

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  • dheerajkapoor

    an awesome and very useful post for all the new bloggers….thanks for sharing

  • Jeremy

    this blog was very helpful. i have started a blog for my social media class and i pretty much went into it blind. this helped me figure out what i trying to do in my blog.

  • Donna Maria Alexander

    Thanks so much for a great post. I started blogging 10 months ago and I enjoy it so much. Everything you have outlined in this post is essential for beginners and even current bloggers to put things into perspective. Thanks again!

    • Karthick AR

      Enjoying what you’re doing is quintessential in making of anything successful. Happy you got it right in your blogging, Donna. Keep rocking & thank you for dropping by!

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  • Elvis Shrestha

    Hi thanks for the great tip.. I just started a new blog and i hope i can get success… Good day!!!

  • Meandy Bishop

    I just started yesterday with my new blog and a friend is helping me. She gave me pointers and Your message is very helpful as well. I am not looking to become a millionare, but I do want to share my stuff with others. Thank you again for your pointers.

  • AnnTran_

    Your post is comprehensive and you covered lots of great points. The first 9 months of blogging was tough for me, but once I found my zone, ideas came easily. Having fun is a must in blogging.

    Thank you for being honest.


    • Karthick AR

      Absolutely true, Ann. Instead of seeing blogging as an assignment, if we can have fun and learn a thing or two along the way, that is the very crux. As you stated first 6 months to 1 year to survive as a blogger is kind of a milestone too. Thank you again. :)

  • chaitanya battaluri

    Great post . i loved it. :)

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you so much, Chaitanya. :)

  • Kimberlee Lockhart

    This article is so jam-packed with information, you could have squeezed three different posts out if it!
    I love all the advice you give and the knowledge you impart. As a baby blogger only blogging for therapeutic reasons, I devour content like yours regularly. I’m gonna retweet it too. Thank you.

  • funny nepali jokes

    I have just started blogging nearly 1 month now.If you could write a blog on how to start blogging and most important where to start one.I am not doing good in it so i would like to know more about blogging. thank you

  • ansh

    $10 per day is pretty low I guess

  • Joanne Watt

    Wow! I think you covered all the bases! Thanks for the insight and sharing. Lots for me to consider as I’m just starting out. Thanks for taking the time to share. :-)

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