From time to time, bloggers tend to hit the damned writer’s block or more specifically hit the content wall, can’t able to come out of creative rut in the process, and so running out of ideas on what to post – either new or probloggers, no exception!


Let me comfort you that it’s not about questioning your talent as a blogger / writer to produce quality content, you might have published some awesome blog posts earlier, right?

So as a blogger, what can you do to rectify this situation?

Here are 10 exclusive tips that I believe are exceptional in helping you to fuel your mind and spice up your drained blogging sense.


1. Ask for it

Simply ask for it! Reach out to your friends (online / IRL), and to your readers and ask them what they’d like you to write about.

Publish a blog post about this issue, post a poll on topics you can write, and a shout-out on Twitter / Facebook / Google+ – any sort of communication will be handy. Don’t be shy, feel shame or guilt about it. Be open and people out there always willing to help you.

2. Try different niche

Churning out post after post in your niche (topic of blogging) is the number one mistake most bloggers make. It might drain your mind-resource sooner than you think. Why don’t you expand your reach further, to other planes, to people with different tastes? Tiring eyes always look out for something unique.

Although it sounds like a displeasing idea, it’ll work. Say for example, if your niche is ‘photography’, take a shot on ‘blogging tips‘ occasionally (i.e. when you’re blogging about photography, right?). See what happens, move along and no harm done.

3. Open your blog for guest posting

While some folks blog for a living, most bloggers have other duties on top. So, when time might be a constraint for you, it’s time to invite and accept guest posting. This is a huge supply of content, and it’s not difficult to acquire either. Make a list of bloggers in your niche and are about your taste / level, whose writing you actually enjoy, and request them (through their blog’s contact form or through social networks) to author a guest post for you.

They’ll be thrilled, and glad to be able to reach your readers. They’ll strive hard to put up their best show, and not only will you have a nice post, but the guest authors cheerfully inform their readers about it, and bring their traffic to your site. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

4. Do an interview post

There are many considerations why interview posts are admirable stuff to have on your blog, but now let’s zoom in on the basic truth. It’s much simpler to think of a few questions to fire at your interviewee than it is to compose a complete post from thinking about the concept to publishing it, OK?

Moreover, it can be a brilliant way to hook up with fascinating people. As you publish some of those reputable interview posts, you even receive interview requests from few voluntary candidates. You won’t be surprised! It’s a win-win strategy.

5. Post a product review / case study

Deliberately pick your favorite gadget, an app, a blog / a website, or a startup – analyze it thoroughly and write a review / case study about it – why you like it or hate it, list pros or cons etc.

But, don’t be a false witness. Your blog readers will start to question your authenticity and the person or company in question may sue you. One more important thing: if you’re getting a paid-review offer, do list it in your blog post title as well as in the beginning of that post to avoid future complications.

6. State your success / failure story

Recall about an incidence or a time when everything went in your favor, and illustrate how you got it to happen in a blog post. Keep in mind, don’t just boast about walkovers — instead walk-through your readers how and what it takes to get there. Sprinkle morals learned for some added flavor.

Other than that, you may blog about your failures too. Who wouldn’t love to read it? It’s more compelling than the success side of you as people will like to learn the difficulties you encountered and how you try to tackle and overcome such hopeless situations. But, don’t stage the scenario, just write as it’s straight from your heart.

7. Watch what is trending and write about it

Explore Google Trends (Hot searches) and Twitter Trending Topics (aka hot hashtags) to find out what’s trending (hot off the press) and people looking for – bingo! You get the picture. Now pick your topic and blog your heart out.

If you’re in social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon and Reddit, good for you. Do stumble-upon for new contents and Reddit vote daily to get the mighty inspiration from the huge amount of new resources there. You can find both good (relevant) and bad content. Pick a hint or two from good ones and make it even better.

8. Use Google Alerts

For lazy bloggers like me (well even for busy ones), Google Alerts is a godsend service. You can check the interwebs for exciting new content through Google Alerts in which you’ll get email updates of the latest and appropriate Google results (web, news, blogs, discussions) derived from your pick of query or topic.

Make sure to customize how often you want to get the updates and the volume of each update (only the best results or all results). Create a Google alert, check your email updates on time and voila! You get some fresh inspiration to blog about.

9. Retrace your blog archives

Go through your dusted archives of good ol’ blog posts for some treasure hunt. By considering issues you earlier dealt and thoughts you’ve published, you can project outdated content into new standards and perhaps even catch few refreshing ideas.

Here are some ideas to get you started: You can shoot a contrasting course with a previously formed idea. Confront your own views. Delve deeper with a study adopts an aged topic and develops it to new extents. Moreover, you can convert your existing posts into bonus, contemporary media like webcastings (videos, podcasts) and charts / infographics if possible. This will give your readers enhanced background on the matters you are writing.

10. Lists / How-to’s

Believe me, I’m telling you this from experience – Lists / How to posts are easy to construct. And icing on the cake, it have a tendency to go viral. Sometimes you may irk yourself by writing something complicated, brain-dead boring, paragraphs mounting stuff – let alone your annoyed readers.

People love list posts as it’s usually presented in easy to interpret format with numbers and additional headings, and basically any sort of lists can do the trick – specially the Top 10 lists. Choose your topic, gather some details, begin with a number, and then built it up from there. Now think how I might compose this post! Follow KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) logic.

Oh! Similarly, people prefer how-to posts to uncover clear-cut advice to assist them tackle a problem and achieve a task. As there is plenty of problems and plenty of tough tasks out there, you don’t get surprised by the instant ideas converge for blogging. You can do effective how-to video posts too.

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The ultimate thing you can do when your blogging sense seems to be drained is to refresh and get motivated. Don’t let the creative rut (aka writer’s block) smack you. This may feel tricky when you’re facing at a desk full of wasted note papers with abysmal thoughts, wasted productivity, but still you can do it. Seek inspiration elsewhere whether it’s listening to music, going for a walk, reading your favorite book, watching a mind-blowing movie or doing meditation. Calm and uncluttered mind can do wonders.

Ah, forgot to tell you! Do write and save it in your blog drafts whenever you’ll come up with an idea and inspired by something. You never know, it’ll come handy when you need it most.

Of course, you can use the tips mentioned in the post, when you can’t really brain (?!) and don’t be in the mood for writing, let me assure you that with a bit of control you’ll be up to make an awesome blog post and wow your readers in no time.

All right, before wrapping up, I can feel I might have missed some key stuff you do to spice up your drained blogging sense.

What are they? Do share and let us thrill with it in the comments section!

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  • Knikkolette

    These are all great ideas. I appreciate you taking the time writing them down and sharing them with us. I’m bookmarking this page so I can refer back to it often because I’m sure I will need to! :)

    • Karthick AR

      It’s very kind of you Knikkolette and thanks a lot for dropping by to leave encouraging comment! If this blog post can be of any help to you and my fellow bloggers, I’ll be very glad. :)

  • bodynsoil

    Thanks for the post, I have been rather stagnant myself and need to breathe fresh life into my posting. I will apply your suggestions and see if the fire within can be lit once again..

    • Karthick AR

      I’m sure you’ll… by practicing more on what you stated! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jesse Oguntimehin

    Hi Buddy,

    Great tips. I am particularly drawn to 3 and 4, guest posting and interview the expert. Interviewing the expert particularly can help us to get a breathe of fresh air and spice up our blog. . /Most of my blog posts are a product of trends on twitter and offshoot of conversation I have with online and offline friends. Just as you advised, I am not afraid to experiment with posts that are not totally related, and my readers love it.

    Thanks for taking out time to write this post

    • Karthick AR

      You hit the nail on the head, Jesse. Bloggers don’t need to be one-dimensional. Although one can cook on the same niche over and over again, nothing wrong in trying few experimental posts. Guest posts give you fresh reach and interviews, boy! as I pointed out in this post, it’s a win-win. In general, it gives you some potential inspiration to blog about and great variety to your readers. You’re doing it right, buddy. Thank you very much for your precious comment.

  • Amy

    great post & great ideas. I’ve been both busy & unmotivated the last 2 weeks, so haven’t blogged. Thanks for inspiring me!

    Amy @BlondeTXGoddess

    • Karthick AR

      Dear Amy, unless you’re blogging for a living, it’s very difficult to find time and set a regular posting frequency. Don’t stress this. Just make a fair commitment to write whenever you find some time. You’ll see handful of posts starting at you in your draft folder. Enjoy blogging! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy)

    What a brilliant list. I’ll certainly be referring to it again!

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you very much, my friend. You’re my great inspiration. I’m very glad to hear from you!

  • Paul Morin

    Great ideas. Much appreciated. All of us run into the “writer’s block” syndrome from time to time. Even if we don’t, if we’re not careful, our writing can get predictable and boring. I like suggestion #1, which is straightforward and simple, but I think could really yield some good results. At a minimum, it should yield some fresh perspective and ideas. Thanks. This is a great list!

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you Paul for an insightful comment and kind words. Yes, it’s sad to see that many bloggers are complicating things. Instead of asking friends/connections on various social networks for help for starters, they are seeking inspiration elsewhere. Engagement is the key. As you rightly said, if they felt writer’s block and do nothing about it, they won’t go anywhere.

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  • Valerie Deveza

    Great List! Thanks for putting some time writing this up! I’ll thank my friend nicky(@rocksstar10) for sending me this link. :)

  • Chetaru

    Thanks for sharing this information and resources. its really helpful for me. with the help of this we can improve our web content and content writing
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  • article writers

    Awesome image for ink spilled art. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. It will always be exciting to read through articles from other writers and use a little something from other sites.

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