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Criticism stings

Have you ever been a victim of criticism? How did you handle it? And for better, how to accept and use criticism to grow your online authority. Let’s see…

The only people who aren’t criticized are people who aren’t doing anything or making any move. As long as you are working on a task, there will be need for people to assess you and make critical comment about what you are doing. Some of the criticism will hurt and sting badly.


Artist and creative people can be egoistical about their work. When a critique is given to their work, they will sometimes take it personal. When they refuse to accept and deal with the criticism, they may be losing the great opportunity of learning and growing.

Is criticism wrong?

Criticism has a role in making your work get better. When you are too close to your work, you may not see it clearly. Have you tried editing your work yourself? Is it easy? After editing, there may still be some structures that can be better, but you will often miss it. When an editor or a friend goes through it, you can see things you initially missed and use it as a guide to get better in future writings.

People serve criticism in different ways…

Are there good and bad criticism?


People who like your work may criticize it. There are however different intentions people have when they are criticizing your work. For those who are your fans, they are giving you the criticism as feedback. It may hurt, but when you apply it, it helps you to serve them better and build a better business.

Imagine, you have done a good job to your work, let’s say it is a writing piece (it could be any other form of creative art), and someone criticizes the work, telling you how awful it is. Is that good or bad criticism? Don’t be too quick to respond. Depending on the medium used to give you the feedback, you may use the following procedure to see how to get better with the criticism, accept it, or deal with it.

Let’s examine this scenario –

Critique – This post is lame and crap!

You – Please can you tell me what is lame about it?

Critique – hmm! The Title is too long and very deceptive. What I was expecting to read was not what I saw. Next time you should try to ensure, you match your title with the content in the body of the post.

You – Thanks. I will work on that.


This kind of dialogue is better done in private. You don’t want to have this type in the comment section of your blog or an open conversation on your Facebook page or Twitter. There is need to use discretion therefore.

If it were to be on your blog, Will you publish the comment? I don’t think I will. However, if the critique had sounded something like this: I wished you had titled this post correctly. I felt I wasted my time. The content of the message and the title do not merge. I felt I was betrayed. I may consider publishing it. Even at that. I may not.

I will go back to the post, check what the person has said, and use it to make amends. This critique can help you grow your business. It is far better than those who tell you, your post is awesome and epic, without giving you a reason why it is epic. They are probably looking for trackback to their blog or you may have pestered them to visit your blog and they feel obliged to comment.

Accept the fact that no matter what you do, some people will never like your work.


Also, your work can never be perfect. There will always be room for you to make it better. In cases where you have identified the person serving the criticism as not having your best interest at heart, it is better you determine a strategy you will use to deal with it even if it’s not constructive. If it hurts for a while, it may stop stinging when you get used to people like that.

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The answer to the question; is criticism good or bad lies with you. It depends on what you make of it. However, it is certain that criticism can affect you badly. When it comes from haters, learn to deal with it and accept it as a fact. Successful and popular brands also have haters. Besides, they are not selling to everyone. You are failing the moment you think your work will appeal to everyone.


Take a look at what happened to Chris brogan. He set up a training to teach people how to use Google+ and some people started criticizing him. You can read the full post here. He responded with one word with a blog post; I am not selling to you.

Yes, criticism can sting, but we need it to improve our work, online business and authority. Our best bet it to learn to use it, accept it, and deal with it.

Have you faced criticism recently? How did you respond to it? I will like to hear from you in the comment section.


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  • Nick Grimshawe

    I guess I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. Criticism helps me refine what I am doing. Occasionally someone goes way overboard and their comments feel more like abuse. But generally I find people are pretty good at giving good critical feedback.

    I enjoyed your article and will add your blog to the ones I like to come back to.


  • Jesse Oguntimehin

    Hi Nick,
    That’s awesome! Thick skin. I’m glad you found the piece interesting. No doubt you’ve learned to handle criticism right.
    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  • Patrick Allmond

    Any way you can back off of all of the ads which don’t have anything to do with your topics? That “more awesomeness around the web” are just links to amazing time wasting sites.

    • Karthick AR

      Thanks for the suggestion, Patrick. I’ll try to cut down some of those stuffs soon.

  • Lawrence Ibale

    This is very helpful. I’m practicing in the world of Human Resources and I’ve been doing it for 16 months now (first job). When I hire people or regret their application I make sure to provide feedback so they’d know what to improve or let go. The article gives me a lot to think about, especially on how to structure my critic. Thanks!

  • Jesse Oguntimehin


    I agree with you on that. There is need to give feedback in a way that can help people grow and improve. The way we give it can make it easier for people to accept it.

  • Himanshu Bansal

    Nice article. I had a friend of mine who was a businessman. Once, I saw him talking to a competitor. He just praised the product of his competitor. I asked him why. He said if I tell him the bad points of his product then he will improve and get on my way.

    On the other hand, I listened to another group of critiques in my office and I tried to correct all I could by listening to their complaints. Recently, I realized that those will not be satisfied and they will always crib. Now, I don’t give a damn. Good thing is that they still gave me an opportunity to improve and my team may not like but they also gained a lot.

    • Jesse Oguntimehin


      That was a funny one by your friend. He won’t critique his competitor knowing that the criticism may make him better, Lol!

      Glad to know you found insight from the piece. Trying to win everyone over is a defeat before battle. Listening with the aim of seeing what can be improved is definitely the way to go.

  • Adwait Karambelkar

    Wonderful article. Enjoyed reading it all the more because I’m a novice blogger and I have a lot to learn. Would like to read more from you. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • Karthick AR

      Thank you for dropping by, Adwait. Each and everyone of us have something-new to learn everyday as so much happening around us. No harm done! All the best. :)

  • Gloria

    Criticism can make us work better only when we take it in a positive and encouraging way. We are not perfect, nobody is, so there is no reason to not accept healthy criticism.

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