“I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

conquer blogging mountain

I confess, I wanted to be a ProBlogger / CopyBlogger or Seth Godin for that matter.

But, what I’ve become is the very me! Founder/author A.R.Karthick of arkarthick.com along with the (pro-job) title ‘director’ of two firms. Here I am blogging at my will with no limits and… OK, enough about the self-rant – Let me get straight to the point!

Do you ever imagine your ‘blogging’ habit (I’m not stressing it like ‘profession’) as a obstacle, say for example, an enormous mountain in front of you?

What will you do then? Stand still, stare at the mountain and just runaway?

I did it initially and instead of flee from the scene; I started to get a grip to climb the big ol’ ‘blogging’ mountain and hope to conquer it one day. Sounds little overambitious, right?

If you’re wondering, “how did you get a grip, Karthick?”

Generally, I have an extensive list of ideas for bettering my blog. I also learn how the great bloggers conquer the blogging, and I focus over every word that they write. Many of the top bloggers have shared plenty of tips on how they made their blogs so popular. I liked to discover what all these people had in general (apart from their boatload of tips) – and started to get a grip.

In this post, I’m more than happy to share with you some of the success routines/practices/habits/traits (read as ‘grips’) of the highly influential bloggers which can be cultivated eventually… and may be helpful for the budding bloggers like me and you!

1. Be a Bighearted Writer:

You have to write a lot. As you write a lot, your writing gets better and you start to publish more blog posts in due course. Whenever you get a post idea, just jot it down on a notebook or even on a piece of paper. It’ll be handy at times.

As you start to publish many posts, your blog notified/scoured by search engines and or even by the social media. And more readers swarm your site to see what’s new.

You can’t be a great blogger without getting your writing dose right; it takes lots of practice/time to be a bighearted writer. Efficient bloggers are doing that day in and day out. Apart from writing, they set solid time into studying/adapting to new things, and drafting posts for their blogs with no exception!

2. Short and Sweet:

It is a fact generally accepted by pro-bloggers; people visit your blog for a reason – typically as they crave to find out something from you. Not a soul desires to read something of little value or gibberish, particularly online.

Great bloggers make out how to get/keep people’s little attention span swiftly, and how to compose their posts in a simple to grasp manner (read ‘to the point’) through short paragraphs/numbered lists/bullet points and compelling sub-headers that is easy on the eyes.

3. Get the Reader’s Pulse:

Experienced bloggers don’t work/live sheltered from what’s happening around them. They constantly rely on their readers, watching cautiously to see what they mind about and take action. They analyze their data, so they distinguish where readers come from — like which sites/search engines/search terms/even countries.

They know at what time they use to get the most number of visitors/sort of posts are best apt for them – make them easily shareable via social media/networking (Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit – in particular) and tweak the headlines for going viral on Twitter. Then they make their post draft (content, images, timing, and layout) to suit their audience before publishing.

4. Learn as You Blog:

If you’re a blogging fresher like me, you’re most likely on a breakneck learning curve now. Perhaps you enlighten self that things will improve as you keep on blogging and may be delighted to note there will be nothing left to learn as soon as you set your host/server and blogging platform. But, the thing to keep in mind is – it continues to change.

See, blogging is an evolving technology. For starters, WordPress or Google’s Blogger, self-hosted or platform hosted, which add-ons/templates/themes/plug-ins to use, design for mobiles? And so much more… These are never ending questions! If you would like to develop your blogging skills, you have to keep on learning as you blog without stop questioning. That aspiration alone set you up for a win-win blog.

5. Be Focused and Reliable:

Great bloggers pick a niche (issue/topic) and cling to it. They write constantly on their selected issue, and with a steady tone and method. Even while they blog about some offbeat topic, they somehow recount it back to their blog’s niche their readers are paying attention to.

One more thing we can learn from them is their amazing post frequency, reliable one of that – whether they publish 5 posts/day or a post/week, their readers sense when to anticipate and rush to see what’s in it for them. If you continue to mess up with this ‘posting frequency’ thing, get ready to lose some valuable subscribers.

6. Pre-plan and Follow:

Without proper planning, you can’t be a blogger you would like to be. If you really into blogging, appropriate actions are necessary along with the objective.

Leading bloggers acknowledge where they’re going as they have a solid master plan (sort of blogging blueprint) and stay with it. Yes, they may adjust based on opinions, but at all times in tune-up of a better idea. Whatever the situation demands, they don’t run off the tracks. They simply go after the plan without turning back.

7. Be Relentless:

Famous bloggers be aware of the fact that accomplishment doesn’t occur suddenly. Genuine success seldom develops quickly. You’ve time to reach the blogging peak, but it calls for reliability, solid effort, crucial learning, and heaps of determination. Prominent bloggers don’t quit. They keep on pushing hard and so do you if you like to be the one.


After completed my education, I became what I dream for – my own boss (fortunately) – and now I’ve been running a successful business with my own employees. I started to blog for habit along with engaging in social media to get along with my geeky friends!

Have I conquered the Blogging Mountain, by the way?

I’m in the process – as I said earlier just started to get a grip on it as of now after I completed my 1st year of blogging and I’m more confident than ever. Thanks goes to all my friends/family and blog readers. It applies to many new bloggers too. All of us like to be a successful blogger one day, started it out with lots of enthusiasm and the thing is you never drain it out. Blogging isn’t a 6 months trip, it ought to be a lifelong journey.

I like to quote all time great mountaineer Edmund Hillary here “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” It’s very true whether it’s a mountain or blogging, it’s all in our own mindset/attitude and how we want to thrive on this world full of obstacles.

Now it’s time for a little retrospect of the things of great bloggers I listed and how far I’m with them…

1. Am I writing a lot? Not at all even though I like to because of my hectic lifestyle. But definitely improving.

2. Are my posts short and snappy? Well, I always like to, but mostly ended up like this post (FYI: I trimmed down the 2500+ words post to 1500+!) They said 500 words post are good. But, when you need to blog your heart out, there are no limits!

3. Yup, I’m an avid stats analyzer (using Google Analytics and Statcounter) and it surely helps me to get my readers pulse.

4. Whenever I publish a post, I’m learning something new whether it’s a subject I’m blogging about or few things tech upfront.

5. Blogging in a niche isn’t my cup of tea and as you see in my blog itself, it’s all over the place (Social media, photography, self improvement, blogging and some good dose of humor.) I don’t know how long I’ll be keep doing like this and my reader’s reaction to it. They must have a mixed feeling! Posting frequency is OK! (about one per week), but like to make it three per week if time permits.

6. I’m not blogging for a living, just for hobby – so no plans other than keep on blogging and monetizing it a little better.

7. After 3 months of blogging, I seemed to lost interest in it as I’m exhausted – but never quit. Patience is the key. You can’t expect to be a world-class blogger after publishing a few posts.

Oh, forgot to tell – I need to engage with other bloggers a lot to be a community player!

There you have it! The qualities I learn from some of the renowned bloggers and my progress so far…

I may miss out many other essential qualities of pro-bloggers. Now it’s your turn to tell us – What it takes to be an outstanding blogger, how to break the shackles and conquer the Blogging Mountain? Your comments will be much appreciated.

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  • http://www.komverse.com/ Kevin Minott

    Great post AR. I’m also approaching the one year anniversary of my blog. It took a lot of work to define it and build an audience, in the end it was well worth it.

    Hopefully this is the year I conquer the blogging mountain.

  • http://www.thetop10blog.com Tony Hastings

    You are so right about patience and determination Karthick, they are 2 qualities I was lacking earlier this evening but after reading your excellent article I can feel my enthusiasm returning.

    I am still in the foothills at the moment but thanks for getting me moving uphill again :-)

    Onwards and upwards – keeping your good advice in mind of course!

  • http://www.faqspedia.com shyam jos

    wow really great post,
    most of the new bloggers lost there interest in blogging ,when they don’t get enough exposure to there posts

  • http://www.dailyblogging.org Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

    Really an Awesome post bro :) Your content is awesome, just do a bit of on-site seo & you’ll be a problogger (mark my words)

    Patience and Consistency are the key factors in blogging.

  • http://justifieddesign.wordpress.com Nick Ball

    Hey great post, I’m just a freshman blogger too and given myself the challenge of sticking to 200 words or less! It’s harder than it sounds, the mountain doesn’t seem any smaller. This is my take on how to blog http://justifieddesign.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/blog-like-no-one-is-watching/

  • http://chukkiri.blogspot.com josechukkiri

    worthy to read posting.see you again.

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