It’s easy to spot the spoofs of Hollywood movies in the industry itself as well as in the form of web videos too. But, the Egyptian, Cairo based ‘Melody Aflam’, an entertainment satellite TV channel went one step further to spoof, cross-continent! In the process, their ad agency ‘Leo Burnett (Cairo, Egypt)’ won prestigious Film Grand Prix awards at both the Dubai Lynx Festival and the MENA Cristal Festival in the year 2010. Icing on the cake, they won the much-sought ‘Cannes Bronze Lions’ as well in the same year. There’s not a single ad agency in the Middle East that has won a Film Lion before. Melody Aflam / Leo Burnett combo done a terrific creative work and it’s no wonder why the Cannes jury bestow the ‘Bronze Lions’ to their epic campaign (collection of 5 films).

Now, have a look at these award-winning ‘Egyptian’ spoofs (video clips) of legendary Hollywood blockbusters that endorses local Egyptian films by sidesplitting satire creativity…

1. The truth behind “Rocky:

Video Link

2. The truth behind “Dances with Wolves:

Video Link

3. The truth behind “Braveheart:

Video Link

4. The truth behind “Se7en:

Video Link

5. The truth behind “Titanic:

Video Link

The brainstorming, casting, film-making, scripting and setting of this work is superb. From the first film to the last, the characters age 30 years, and it is enjoyable to watch the characters transform to suit the styles / fashions of each decade. What’s more, there’s a dazzling ambiguity integrated into the tag line of every video: “Arabic films…The mother of all foreign films” – which might be enlightened to you by the local people with a twinkle and agree if you ask. From comedy to the futuristic, the land of Arabic cinema covers not just every imaginable genre, but the ethnic and terrestrial mixture of the Arabic world itself.

Out of these five terrific campaigns, ‘Se7en & Titanic’ movie spoofs are my favorites. What’s yours?

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