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define_funny_topWe all know the saying, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” To be funny is an art, whether innate or learned, although many will argue you can’t learn funny. Thankfully the laughing part is as easy as dying. If we’re lucky we’ll all die laughing. If we’re even luckier we’ll never die and that would be amusing because after 100 years we’ll stink bad and look real gross. Hilarious.

Obviously, what’s considered funny is purely subjective, thus the responses below are as eclectic as the people who wrote them. Everybody has a sense of humor, of some sort, and if looking, you can find it on Twitter all the time. Especially via the offbeat
favstar which spotlights the “stars” of Twitter by providing a perpetual example of funny, one favorited tweet at a time. But for a more specific definition, I asked a group of my own favorite laughers and jokers.

The following submissions are not arranged from best to worst. The order was determined by hair color.

@AskAaronLee@AskAaronLee: I don’t think funny can be defined, not unless you’ve met me. I am the definition of funny!

@clarkekant@clarkekant: Funny is the wrong words in the right place at the right time.

@ArjunBasu@arjunbasu: Funny is severe intelligence wrapped in absurdity. Like a football in the groin. That’s funny.

@mdaystory@mdaystory: Funny is our personal built-in pepper spray against whack-jobs, lame-asses, bigots, psychos, narcissists… All wankers in general.

@glitterglitzer@glitterglitzer: What I think is funny others don’t find funny… and when something stupid happens to me everyone but me finds it funny.

@jeffersonreid@jeffersonreid: Funny is when the unicorn of fancy gores reality’s sacred cow.

@TweetSmarter@TweetSmarter: Telling someone on LinkedIn that you quit MySpace to join Facebook…only to find all the most interesting people were on Twitter.

@T1theinfamous@T1theinfamous: Funny to me is another word for intelligent. If you can’t make me laugh its probably because you’re an idiot and I hate you for it.

@IZTAES@IZTAES: The interplay between what you know, what just happened, that stuff on your face and where you put your car keys. Funny is survival.

@2cre8@2cre8: Funny is when you laugh so hard that your sides hurt, you start tearing up and gasping for air! HA HA HA! *Stop!* HA HA HA! etc.

@shilpiiz@shilpiiz: Funny is when I try to say something sexy but end up with my bad vegetarian talk.

@MASisMore@MASisMore: Funny is the image I get in my head when I picture what people are really doing while they tweet.

@minutesofmayhem: If I show you something REALLY funny, promise you won’t tell my wife.

@KevinMinott@KevinMinott: A laugh, is a laugh. Whether it’s a knock-knock joke from a grade schooler or George Carlin ripping into religious folk. Both do the trick.

@BDGarp @BDGarp: I’ve always wanted to bang Charlize Theron, ever since “Monster.”

@WookiesGirl@WookiesGirl: Rude, crude, innocent… Anything works as long as it makes me laugh. When I laugh so hard my eyes water and I’m wheezing. MONEY SHOT!

@ruhanirabin@ruhanirabin: “Funny” is the simplest but most attractive and sexy form of a person.

@tashamiel@tashamiel: Arousing, cutting-edge, sarcastic, obnoxious or slapstick… It’s all funny!

@Paul_Steele@Paul_Steele: Funny causes that involuntary snort, giggle, smile, tears of laughter – even when you are alone.

@GCGeek@GCGeek: If I talk about me I’m a narcissist. If I talk about you I’m judgmental. If I talk about them I’m a gossip. I rock. You’re cool. They suck.

@L_hawkins@L_Hawkins: Funny is Carlos Mencia. CtKscribe asking me to do this. Our Government’s Stimulus Plan. The Recession is over. My morning face. Me without coffee.

@Shebanggs@Shebanggs: I couldn’t define funny until I discovered the magic of wrapping a sock around my hard-on to rub one out while watching reruns of The View.

@Vewe@Vewe: Funny is a spontaneous laugh from the heart.

@Paxochka: I’m worried I’m taking funny too seriously.

@SuuperG@SuuperG: Funny is me trying to define funny in 140 characters.

@axleuk@axleuk: The ability to say something that tickles the parts other people cannot reach. Funny.

@heidibelle@heidibelle: English is not a particularly nuanced language compared to it’s romance brethren, so I would distill funny to it’s essence: FUN.

@GlamGirlxoxo @GlamGirlxoxo: Funny is something that makes you laugh when you’re done crying.

@terrinakamura@terrinakamura: Funny is being the only sober person in a room full of drunks.

@LeyMarieCel@LeyMarieCel: Funny is something to make you smile even when you’re in your lowest, saddest & darkest place…

@roschelle@roschelle: The art of making me laugh until I’m breathless as I listen and watch through tear-filled eyes. one of the great joys of our brief existence.

@rocksstar10@rocksstar10: It can be a joke. If you “get” it, its enjoyable, but if you don’t get it, the joke is probably on you.

@Hadel@Hadel: “I’m an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house.” Quote by, Zsa Zsa Gabor

@jesseluna@jesseluna: Funny is defined by the reactions to it – spitting one’s drink, involuntary shrieks, staccato gaseous emissions, & lots of side holding.

@TheTop10Blog@TheTop10Blog: Can be happy, can be sad, can be good and can be bad. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you glad to be alive!

@CelticWombat@CelticWombat: When something is funny I start by giggling; it builds to a chuckle; crescendos into a guffaw. Cause that’s how I LOL.

@GinaMom@GinaMom: Funny= laugh so hard it makes me wet (anonymous tipster, obviously)

@NiniBaseema@NiniBaseema: Good humour makes you chuckle until you get spasms in the side from laughter. Coincidentally, some people are funny by being totally serious!

@adamsconsulting@adamsconsulting: If you bust out laughing at something, and you can’t stop, even if you are alone in the room, then you know it’s reeeeeeeeeally funny.

@mfeige: I don’t even know what it is, but it makes me laugh.

@arkarthick @arkarthick : Funny is how people behave in a pressure cooker situation! Peanut-sized problem looks like a polar bear. Relax & let it melt!

@captic@captic: I tweet, therefore, I communicate, therefore I am – I find that “quoting” Descartes in a tweet, linking thought to communication & social media, is funny.

@TheNoLookDog@TheNoLookDog: Funny is peeing on my owner’s rug when he’s sleeping and taking a big dump in the kitchen while he’s cooking.

@JLKoctober: Funny makes me laugh.

@rM1L@rM1L: funny; don’t try to be, live it.

@VerifyThis@VerifyThis: Funny is as funny does. Or is that stupid is as stupid does? I only know what Forrest Gump tells me.

@mayhemstudios@mayhemstudios: #thatswhatshesaid

How would YOU define funny? Let us know in the comment section below. Otherwise…

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  • Tif Persoons

    Funny is my son who comes down with the giggles :)

  • Philip Rölz

    The easiest way to define funny is to think of AIDS. Yeah it’s the opposite of that shit.

  • BarryckR

    “Funny is when I ask my mum to tell me how facebook and social media work!”


  • terri nakamura

    It was worth the wait! Great job, Tina!

  • David Voth

    The funny thing about a funny thing is the thing that makes it funny.

  • RawC

    Being Funny is fair enough if you aren’t hurting people around.


    Funny for some is when they tickle my fancy, but funny for me is when they fancy my tickle!

  • Skookum86

    I think funny is… my Twitter Avatar. :)

  • nsedef

    it’s the only consistent in life. makes everything alright. never lets you down. is deeply satisfying.

  • blondediva11

    Funny is when you’re life is full of shit, but you still see it as half-full.

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  • nabil

    funny is fun

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