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I love this time of year. I love the season changing, the colors, the smells and most of all looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast.


Picture (C): Kat Caverly 2009

As a child, we fondly called this holiday “Turkey Day” and “Macy’s Day” because of the glorious parade in New York City. But the thing that made this the most special celebration of all was making a list of all the reason I have to be thankful.

Over the years I’ve hoped to be able to celebrate thanksgiving in my heart every day and by developing an attitude of gratitude, I soon realized that this was not only possible but highly desirable.

1. Celebrate Life Every Day:

It is no small feat to be able to celebrate life each and every day. It takes a real commitmentevery breath an affirmation, every meal a feast.

Think of all the elements of a wonderful celebration and bring those into your life every day. Happy music, dancing, and the preparation of your favorite foods:

Video Link | via Greetums

The preparation of food is an important part of every celebration and festival and it is this effort that makes every day a party!

2. Start the Day with a List of 5 Things You are Grateful For Today:

By starting the day with this exercise, especially before you fully awake, you will remind yourself that at the very least you are grateful for the gift of one more day of living.


Picture (C): Kat Caverly 2009

3. Take Your Medicine; LAUGH:

They say laughter is the best medicine and I say “Take Your Medicine” early and often. And much to my surprise and delight it turned out that you don’t even have to find anything funny to laugh. Just the Ha Ha Ha He He He Ho Ho Ho in this exercise will get it started…

Video Link | via Greetums

The silent laughing is the most powerful and doesn’t need to be done more than for 20-30 seconds.

4. Never Underestimate the Power of SILLY:

My tools of the trade of Silliness are kazoos, making silly faces in the mirror and all sorts of acting like a three year old. You can act silly all by yourself, or make other people laugh or play with a friend, but do yourself a favor and bring out your SILLY at least once every day.

Video Link | via Greetums

5. End the Day with a List of People Who Made a Difference in Your Life Today:

Acknowledgment: Acknowledging the value other people are in your life is a gift for the giver. Taking the time to think about this at the end of your day gives you the chance to say the most powerful prayer there is, “Thank You”.

As you practice this exercise you will naturally find a way to acknowledge those who make a difference in your life personally and your will discover that gratitude shared is the gift that keeps on giving back.


Picture (C): Kat Caverly 2009

Thank You.

Author box:


Author name: Kat Caverly

Bio:  Kat Caverly leads teams of artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, comics, voice actors, performers, animators and movie makers to create extraordinary e-cards for and movie shorts for NoEvil Productions in New York.

I highly recommend you to follow Kat on Twitter @Greetums; such a lovely person with nice sense of humor to have as a friend. Hearty gratitude to Kat for a timely, yet another festive post. Remember the “Creepy Halloween Make-up Ideas” post?

P.S. If you like to do a guest post on, please contact me HERE with the subject line : Guest Post (or) send me a DM on Twitter @arkarthick.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~William Arthur Ward.


Picture Credit: Flickr | Paul Downey

Wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day. Hope you enjoy this post. We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Geek Blogger

    Hey kat very nice and informative post, lots of video you must have spent lot time to make this wonderful post,. Thanks giving day is everyday :)

    • Kat Caverly

      Thank you for your kind words. It is only through effort that we gain the strength and endurance to celebrate life every day! I love these holidays!!

  • @SusanLorelei

    I love following Kat (@Greetums) She is one of those people that make the landscape much more interesting.

    Wonderful to see someone have that zanny zest for life.

    This year I am thankful for having countless belly laughs from the wonderful twitter stream I have.

    • Kat Caverly

      “zanny zest for life” oh Susan you sure know how to make a gal swoon! You know I love me some holiday celebrations!!

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