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It’s that time. Fantasy and fun beckon. An excuse to put on the Ritz, Halloween.


The red clown nose is the world’s smallest mask. A simple, foam red nose and you are in costume! And you probably can get one at the local drugstore.

Halloween has gotten to be so popular that Halloween shops spring up for a month all around everywhere, where you can get wigs, make-up supplies and kits, as well as costumes and accessories.

In addition to candy and greeting cards dressing up to celebrate this season is something I really look forward to doing. I am also a make-up artist and character comic, so make-up is one of my passions. And I found some of the most awesomely creepy Halloween make-up video tutorials, as well as some extraordinary make-up artists. Here they are…

Mild warning: If you’re easily scared / grossed out, this post is not for you! Some of the disturbing Halloween makeup sequences ahead; proceed at your own risk.

1. Unzipped Makeup Tutorial | Josh(ua) ‘Petrilude

Josh is a truly gifted theatrical and fine-art make-up artist. I suspect that he can create anything, living art. The tutorial that caught my attention is his video tutorial ‘UnZipped.’

You can make a whole character mostly out of the face make-up. Then you can simply dress all in black, weather appropriate.

2. Corpse Bride Makeup for Halloween | Julia ‘MissChievous

This professional can show you how to do really beautiful glamor make-ups too but what knocked my socks off was her ‘Corpse Bride’ tutorial video:

3. Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1: The Exorcist | Angie ‘goldiestarling

This artist’s work took my breath away on first view. Angie’s ‘Exorcist’ make-up tutorial is fascinating and brilliant.

I could get lost in each of these make-up marvels YouTube channels. There are treasures in each of these channels, websites and blogs. If you love make-up you will be fascinated.

4. Vampires Werewolves or Both? Which will you choose? | Jenn ‘JennisseMakeup

I looked at a lot of Jenn’s work which is fabulous, but was most fascinated by this creation of a Vampire Werewolf.

5. Halloween Classic ….. Skull/Skeleton Makeup Tutorial | Siobhan McDonnell ‘LetzMakeup

This make-up artist is from Ireland and I think she has a uniquely gifted way of looking at Halloween ghouls. What captured my fancy is ‘Skeleton’.

6. Pinhead Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Elizabeth ‘UnlimitedElizabeth

I am totally fascinated by Elizabeth’s ‘Pinhead’ make-up tutorial video. You might be able to even find rubber pins, at least use lightweight aluminum nails.

7. She Devil Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Risa ‘MakeupByRisa

Give this make-up pro’s channel some time. You will be entertained and learn a lot about make-up. I really enjoyed her ‘She Devil’ make-up tutorial.

8. Victorian Gothic Circus Makeup Tutorial | Ashley ‘HollywoodNoirMakeup

I am fond of all things clown and Ashley has a refreshing twist on the twisted clown. So my favorite is ‘Gothic Circus’ make-up tutorial video.

9. Beetlejuice | Jessica Harlow ‘MissJessicaHarlow

You can always tell a true artist by the way they creatively adopt materials. Check out Jessica’s glamor make-up tutorials, but treat yourself this Halloween by viewing the ‘Beetlejuice’ make-up tutorial video.

10. Cenobite Series (Hellraiser) Speedtutorial | Patty ‘CrazyHappy08

Truly “Hell-Raising’ this make-up video tutorial will amaze and fascinate you if you are thinking on going horrific this Halloween.

Author Box:

Kat-Caverly-Greetums-vampiredAuthor name: Kat Caverly

Bio:  Kat Caverly leads teams of artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, comics, voice actors, performers, animators and movie makers to create extraordinary e-cards for and movie shorts for NoEvil Productions in New York.

You can follow Kat on Twitter @Greetums, such a lovely person with nice sense of humor to have as a friend. Thanks a bunch to Kat for a timely, festive post.

P.S. If you like to do a guest post on, please contact me HERE with the subject line : Guest Post (or) send me a DM on Twitter @arkarthick.


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Hope this post will assist you this Halloween with some terrific make-up inspirations. What do you have in mind – something different? Let us know in the comments section.

We wish you a Happy Halloween! :-)

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  • Kat Caverly

    I just really dig these talented make-up artists, and I wish I could work with them all. I plan to consume every video they put up on their channel, such great stuff!

    Happy Halloween

  • Girlfriend

    What a wicked collection! Thanks for sharing and putting it together!

    • Kat Caverly

      Halloween is just one of my favorite celebrations, it is a pleasure to share.

  • Anita Nelson

    These are AWESOME~!! Well done, Kat~! And I’m almost as impressed by the GIANT list of tags~!!
    Happy Halloween~!!
    Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

    • Kat Caverly

      Thank you Anita, that list of tags is true poetry!

  • Gina SuuperG Stark

    A video tutorial by Julia in #2 is what inspired my current avatar look :) Fun post! G

    • Kat Caverly

      I love your Hallowe’en avie Gina! Hallowtide is nigh, beware and enjoy!

  • Nikita Hengbok

    Creepy! :O
    But awesome! ;D

  • Kat Caverly

    Hi Nikitia, I know, I love the creepy movie-magic of it all. But it is awesome and I imagine fun spooking people on a dark Hallowe’en night!

  • Sridhar

    Well these are really scary and awesome, a good collection well done!.. happy halloween folks! :) – its me @AskSridhar

    • Kat Caverly

      Thank you, this holiday is so much fun. Happy Halloween Sridhar!

  • ReelyBored

    Very cool tuts! will prob try some for next year for sure!

    • Kat Caverly

      Amazing make-up artistry, and excellent tutorials. Fun all year round, but at least during Hallowtide you can get away with walking around in public scaring small children!!

      Happy Halloween

  • Madav


    Great in single word.Good collection too

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