In these tough, depressing economic times, it’s wise to cut costs whether you’re a consumer or in business. Isn’t it?


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That incorporates seeking cheaper alternatives to some really expensive software. Right? But, inexpensive alternatives don’t need to be low in quality. It’s where Open source software comes in handy.


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What is the difference between Freeware and Open source software?

Freeware – software that is, well, costless to use for an unrestricted period of time. But, it may be proprietary to developers naturally, in that the source code may not be accessed by the users.

Whereas, Open source software (abbreviated as OSS) – software, whose source code is open to users to utilize, study, modify and amend the product, furthermore to redistribute the modified forms – provided, under a proper software license. The initiative following open source is that huge developer communities will be formed around them, where users will bestow on everything from patches to complete new features, and consequently speed up the pace of innovation.

As a general rule, open source software / applications are free to use, modify, redistribute and offer very low prices, albeit you need to pay for paid support.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 20 classy open source alternatives (in between one freeware too) for 12 commercial, most wanted software that tends to cost you an arm and a leg… figuratively! :-)

Let’s Start: On Page 2 > Adobe Photoshop Alternatives and Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW Alternative

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  • Mani Viswanathan

    Jumbo collection bro! Shared & Bookmarked. :-)

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  • Ankur

    In OS why not go for mint. Its small and really a good flavor of Unix. Media functionality are superb with this OS.

  • Sampurna Lahiri

    I believe open source will be the future, microsoft started the paid software trend but its the time to a free world where you can only charge for your service not for your product.

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    good article..

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