Rémi Gaillard is a French prankster, based in Montpellier. He gained attention in the French media after performing a well-documented series of pranks.

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Remi’s pranks are plenty -including a famous appearance disguised as a Lorient  football player in the 2002 Coupe de France final match, during which he took part in the winner’s celebrations and was even greeted by the then president of France Jacques Chirac. Gaillard has appeared in several sport events, TV game shows and political rallies, normally breaking the security measures easily. He has been arrested many times for his acts.

The majority of Remi’s pranks/sketches are of the hidden camera type, in which the antagonist performs an unexpected or surprising action to elicit humorous responses from the bewildered witnesses. Remi often disguises himself for these sketches. His pranks can also be regarded as an act of exhibitionism, especially when posing as a member of a sports team. During some pranks, Remi is accompanied by a crowd of friends, giving the action a flash-mob like nature. Some other videos may feature acrobatics like aiming soccer balls at distant goal-like objects, or more still aim to antagonize police forces he interacts with during his sketches. Most of the Remi’s videos are filmed by his good friend Gregory Laffargue.

I am pleased to present with you some of Remi Gaillard’s Uproarious/Hilarious/Funniest/Gut-busting/Side-splitting/Witty/Outrageous/Talented – hand picked Pranks Ever!

1. Remi have an amazing talent for Football (Soccer). It comes to him naturally. Following 4 videos shows why! Put the ball where you want and hit is the new challenge. Performed in Paris, 2007.

2. Remi plays the return match in Montpellier, 2008…

3. Remi again dons the jersey of Montpellier, 2009!

4. In 2010…

5. La Coupe de n’importe qui – Remi and a huge number of fans/prank participants head with a legion of buses to an amateur soccer game in the suburb of Le Crès. Dressed up in the team colors of Le Crès, they pretend that it’s a Champion Match with the other team and disrupt the game by rushing the field. Even a streaker is unleashed onto the field.

6. The decathlon – Remi, who has always loved sports, this time tried his hand at the pinnacle of the Olympic Games: The decathlon (athletic event consisting of ten track and field events).

7. Mario Kart - As a tribute to Mario Kart, Remi uses a Go Kart to race around Montpellier. He pretends that normal cars are rival racers and uses some of the game moves (dumping bananas on the road) making drivers mad.

8. Comivoci-Gaillard – Dorinel Comivoci is a fictional gymnast from Romanian, who in reality is French prankster Remi Gaillard. Now that you’re up to speed and all limbered up, check out Comivoci-Gaillard’s performances at Pekin 2008.

9 & 10. French Rocky Series (2 Parts) – Remi aka the ‘French Rocky’ does his best to train like his American counterpart. He runs on a store conveyor belt, runs on a treadmill in the middle of a park trail, works out in the middle of the street on a stationary bicycle (holding up the traffic behind him in the process), punches meat in a butchery without authorization, swims in a city fountain, and snatches drinks out of people’s hands while running. In some instances, Remi angers a person who had their drink snatched and causes them to chase after him. In one particular incident, Remi runs past some men fixing a car and snatches their huge mineral water bottle. After spilling its contents on his head, Remi supposedly provokes them even more by saying inaudible things causing some of the men to chase him. The rest see Gregory Laffargue (who was filming nearby) and chase him too.

11. Kangaroo – Dressed like a kangaroo, Remi pranks anyone in his way involving them in kangaroo characteristics such as jumping (like pushing a golfer with his legs) or boxing (like a box arena in the middle of an elevator).

12. Elevator Pranks – In his apartment, Remi dresses up elevators for his own convenience surprising many people. His themes have included: a cocktail bar, Hawaiian, hanging upside-down in a bat costume, hunting, restaurant, and Reggae, etc.

13. Strange Zebra Crossers

14. American Football Rugby Touchdown Prank

15. Pac-Man – After Mario Kart, Remi continues to explore the world of video games… Remi and an accomplices dress up as Pac-Man characters and chase each other through a supermarket, billiard club, and golf terrain. Remi is Pac-Man and tries to gobble up pool and golf balls.

16. Poil (Body Hair) – Remi enters a French town, Poil, whose name, when translated, means “body hair.” Remi dons the disguise of a giant can of shaving cream that can actually dispense a stream of shaving cream. He runs around town spraying signs, buildings, and the townspeople themselves. Eventually, an innkeeper attacks him and destroys his disguise.

17. N’importe Qui Fiesta! – On a bus full of fans and friends, Remi calls a party store in Béziers and asks them if they’re “a store to make parties” (it’s actually a French wordplay). When the store employee replies him that they are, Remi and his friends cheer. Moments later, they enter and trash the store using silly spray, confetti, and loud music to literally party in a party store. This makes the employees extremely angry at Remi and his friends for the mess and get even more angry when they see that Remi’s crew is still partying in the parking lot.

18. Saving Private Remi – Remi dresses up as a French Army trooper and assaults a beach a la the invasion of Normandy and even disturbs some golfers with his smoke grenades.

19. Remi as Jason Voorhees (fictional character from the Friday the 13th series of slasher films)

20, 21, 22, 23 & 24. The Sports Imposter Series (5 Parts) – Remi dresses up as any team member of any sport (rugby, tennis, football etc) and attempts to participate in victory celebrations or the game itself. In some cases, security does not know and Remi ends up being recognized like other team members, in some other cases, he is caught and removed from the game.

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Woah, Taking a deep breath friends? Remi’s best pranks aren’t done yet. Considering the post length, video loading time and even the possibility of your gut’s bust, I am planning for the 2nd part of this post (which will be up in couple of days) where all his best of the rest of the pranks will be posted. Till then, pour in your  comments/feedbacks about Remi Gaillard, select your pick of the lot and encourage me to do more.

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    This was great. ROFL! Thank you so much for the smile.

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  • westworth

    Wow very funny stuff thanks for sharing.

    I liked the mario cart and stealing peoples water videos the most.

    Looking forward to more

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