Having grown up in the late 80’s and 90’s, it’s fun to think back at all the classic/iconic games I used to play/enjoy. Honestly, who could forget nostalgic console games like Mario, Contra, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man, Bomberman, Tetris, Tank, Mortal Combat and so on?


Have you ever imagined to check out a video game character in one game and put it in a environment in another game? Isn’t it always fascinating to play out those “What If…?” scenarios and see it in action. Today, we are going to watch these game characters in the battlefield, fighting each other. With thanks to the innovative creators XpycTeam (for Russian Tvigle Versus Series) and Daneboe (for Gagfilms), I am pleased to share these seven most amusing video games mashups/flash animation fight scenes with you.

1. Tank vs. Bomberman (Link)

2. Pac-Man vs. Mario (Link)

3. Contra vs. Tetris – The guy from Contra discovers where Tetris blocks come from. (Link)

4. Contra vs. Duck Hunt – What if Contra met Duck Hunt? Game Over in 13 seconds :-) (Link)

5. Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Pac-Man (Link)

6. Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong – What if Scorpion of Mortal Kombat took Mario’s place in Donkey Kong? (Link)

7. Mortal Kombat vs. Oregon Trail – What if Scorpion and Sub-Zero had to hunt for food in Oregon Trail? (Link)

First three clips from Russian Tvigle Versus Series and the rest from Daneboe‘s YouTube Video Channel.

Surprise Bonus Video: Michael Jackson in and as Mario (Link) Animation Created by Aden de Leeuw.

Hope you enjoyed these ‘fun’tastic game mashups fight animations. Now, pick your favorite mashup and let us know ‘why’ in the comments section.

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    Funny videos. I remember playing the original Mario and Mortal Combat. They were a real pleasure to play.

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