“All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.” -Samuel Butler

A wonderful, hand picked collection of truly adorable small creatures (i.e.baby animals).

Presenting you, some of the most “Blissfully Cute Baby Animal Pictures” that thrill and delight, melt your heart, inspire you, provoke your curiosity, make you smile and feel that you’re glad to be alive on this planet of endless animal creature wonders. Doesn’t matter if you’re feeling down or if you’re having a bad day, am sure, you can’t help but smile & feel better after seeing these cutie pies.


Aww.. So adorable baby bunny


Cute Dog Pup Sleeping quietly!


Cute cheetah cub staring at ya


Cute polar bear cub, can't lift him up although he is a cub :-)


Woah! Cute & chubby kitten


This little squirrel is unbearably cute! Love it!


Cute baby coyote


Baby otters born at SeaWorld in Orlando! Awww... No exception in cuteness!


Cute white kitten in blue jean pocket!


That's one happy bunch of Possum babies!


Cute African baby elephant


Cute lion cub


Innocent looking cute pup wants you to adopt it!


I'm yet into monkey business - says this cutie!


Extremely tiny but cutely overloaded baby bunny smelling grass!


Day dreaming cute baby horse


Ah! Feeling so cool - says this baby seal


Cute panda bear cub wanna cuddle with you


I ain't an ugly duckling!


Cute Alaskan malamute babies


Vivid! Which cute chick you wanna take home?


Piglet, posing after won the beauty contest!


Cute and White American Eskimo Puppy Bros!


The curious case of these four cutie kittens


Stop it, that tickles! Blissfully Cute bunny overload!

I hope these insanely, unbearably, awesomely, inspiring, adorable, beautiful, blissfully cute baby animals  could bring you into a cheerful mood now. Enjoy and share with friends/family.

Pick your favorite cutie & comment. Captions are welcome too…

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  • Gunaa


    Padatthula irukkura kutti poonai illanna puppy kuttigala veettla valakka muyarchikkalame.. Paatthukkuradu konjam siramam than.. Aanaalum avai paasamaaga irukkume unga kitta…………..

    - Thambi Gunaa

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      Nalla idea thambi! Muyarchikalam, aana Appa/Amma ippothaikku venamnu sollitaanga. Anni’kku muyal-na kollai priyam. Enakku Poonai matrum panda karadi! Enna seyya? konja naal wait seithu vaankalaam ena vittu vitten. Then enna velai free-ya? How’s life? Take care thambi.

  • http://musinggeek.blogspot.com/ MusingGeek

    They are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

    - MusingGeek

  • Shawna

    Uhhh. That piglet isn’t even real.
    It’s stuffed.

  • Larry

    Okay, they’re cute…except I gotta call ‘bullshit’ on that piglet…that thing’s stuffed.

  • j

    Um, what’s with the pretend pig being mixed in with the real animals? That is quite obviously a felted toy and not an actual pig.

  • eva

    those psychedelic chicks creep me out! whatever happened to them?

  • katherine

    I loved all of them

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  • http://www.cutestuff.co cute animals

    Wow, AWH Adorable pictures…Thanks for sharing these!

    • http://arkarthick.com/ Karthick AR

      You’re welcome and thanks for dropping by. :)

  • http://cutecorgipuppies.wordpress.com/ Todd

    These photos are so cute it hurts. x_x I especially liked the malamutes.

  • http://www.quipidity.com Claire

    Oh so cute, love the baby otters! Thanks for sharing!

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